The Dungeon Keeper Editor is exactly what it says on the tin; a program that enables you to create and edit levels for Dungeon Keeper (or The Deeper Dungeons). However, level scripts must be created separately. It was bundled with Dungeon Keeper Gold, but also available separately.

This is the official editor. ADIKTED is an alternative.

This appears to be a different editor to the one used by Bullfrog, for some of their levels feature things that cannot be done in this editor, such as having Gold bags in Treasure Room Icon Small Treasure Rooms.

The Dungeon Keeper Editor came with two example maps: Single Example and Multi Example.

How to use Edit

The editor uses many of the same files as the game. Levels need to be copied from the game CD to the directory the game is installed in. The editor should work if the executable file is placed in the Dungeon Keeper directory. It can be tricky, but it's possible to get the official editor to work on Dungeon Keeper FX too (one method that's often recommended is having the editor's installation and data files separate to KeeperFX). Unfortunately, unlike the game, there's no framerate limit, so this can be somewhat difficult to use when run on modern computers because it runs too fast (it doesn't have the same framerate limit that the actual game has, and there's also no -fps parameter).

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