Dungeon Keeper FX (for Fan eXpansion), or simply KeeperFX, is a fan expansion of Dungeon Keeper. Amongst other things, it supports higher screen resolutions, fixes bugs (including the Level 10 Speed bug), adds new campaigns, and modifies the default creature stats. The latest version is 0.4.8, released on 24 August 2020. Newer versions of KeeperFX revive the atmospheric sound effects and an unused cutscene of the Lord of the Land being dragged to the bonus torture room.

Main changes in KeeperFX:

  • Works on modern MS Windows versions
  • Support for higher screen resolutions
  • Additional campaigns
  • TCP/IP support for multiplayer (though this is rather buggy and only supports two players)
  • New level script commands for more complex levels
  • More config files you can edit to tweak the units and rules of the game
  • Fixed bugged out creature stats and abilities
  • Improved the ability of AI Keepers to manage their dungeons and units
  • The AI Keepers will now defend their Dungeon Heart Icon Small Dungeon Heart
  • AI Keepers can now imprison your units
  • Workshop Icon Small Workshops will no longer fill up with unusable crates
  • Made the Barracks Icon Small Barracks room work as intended
  • Many small bug-fixes
  • Ability to play the soundtrack without having the CD inserted

New releases are announced on Keeper Klan. Starting with 0.4.8, the 'Unofficial' branding will be dropped, as the original developer, mefistotelis, has left the project and does not plan to return. Development has been taken over by Loobinex and a few others.

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