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Dungeon Keeper FX (for Fan eXpansion), or simply KeeperFX, is a fan expansion of Dungeon Keeper. Amongst other things, it supports higher screen resolutions, fixes bugs (including the infamous Level 10 Speed bug), adds new campaigns, and provides a better interface.[clarification needed] KeeperFX is mostly a standalone game; although it requires files from the original game to run.

Main changes[]

  • The experience level 10 creature spell fugacity bug
  • Other bugged out creature stats and abilities
  • The bugged Barracks party formation
  • The Word of Power spell dealing no damage (however, the damage it deals is still negligible compared to the quantity the spell and the trap are supposed to deal)
  • Variably-sized maps, up to 170x170 slabs.
  • Delta Time to separate rendered frames from game turns, making the game much smoother
  • Wetlands colourful fire Dungeon Keeper FX

    Maps can be scripted to generate effects such as these gaily coloured flames and "spells"

    New level script commands for more complex levels, including (but not limited to):
  • Effect generation
  • Terrain manipulation
  • Sound effects and speech playback
  • Dungeon Heart manipulation
  • Revealing and hiding parts of the map
  • Advanced timer and flag manipulation

  • Ability to specify where to teleport in possession
  • Spell icons in possession to show which spells you are affected by
  • The Sight spell actually makes creatures visible in possession
  • Ability to do things with an Imp that were previously impossible in possession.

  • Increased view distance:
Original KeeperFX
Possession view distance Dungeon Keeper Possession view distance Dungeon Keeper FX
  • Quality of life improvements:
Click-and-drag building Dungeon Keeper FX

Clicking and dragging a room blueprint

  • Quickly build rooms, such as by clicking and dragging its blueprint
  • Zoom in and out using the mouse wheel
  • Other, miscellaneous improvements, such as:
  • Unused Mentor speeches are used where appropriate
  • Ability to play the soundtrack without having the CD inserted
  • More config files you can edit to tweak the units and rules of the game
  • Improved the ability of AI Keepers to manage their dungeons and units
  • The AI Keepers will now defend their Dungeon Heart
  • AI Keepers can now imprison your units
  • Workshops will no longer fill up with unusable crates
  • Increased zoom limit (it's now enough for a panoptic view of a standard 85x85 map)
Original KeeperFX
Maximum zoom out Dungeon Keeper Panoptic zoom Dungeon Keeper FX


New releases are announced on Keeper Klan. For a time, there were two editions: Official and Unofficial. The 'Unofficial' edition has been discontinued since version 0.4.8 and merged into the official branch. This was because the original developer, mefistotelis, left the project after version 0.4.6 was released and does not plan to return. Development has been taken over by Loobinex and a few others. A full list of contributors can be found here.

Version 1.0 was released on 10 November 2023.[1] It was hailed by the video gaming media as a significant milestone in its development.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Launcher program[]

KeeperFX comes with a discrete launcher program, which enables players to install, configure, and run the game.


KeeperFX tools[]

For a comprehensive list of tools for Dungeon Keeper in general, see Dungeon Keeper tools.

These tools were made specifically for KeeperFX or feature KeeperFX-specific functionality:

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