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Dungeon Keeper GOODIES Folder files

The Dungeon Keeper GOODIES Folder is a folder found on the Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper Gold discs, containing various pictures of Bullfrog Productions staff. Many of the pictures are of a smaller size on the Dungeon Keeper Gold version, possibly due to less free space available on the disc.

Creature sketch Dungeon Keeper Goodies

SK3.TIF - an unknown creature. It cannot be the Orc, as that was a very late addition.

File Content
ALEX.TIF From top to bottom: Alex Peters, Jonty Barnes and Dene Carter.
AMSTERDM.TIF A group photo of the Bullfrog Productions staff in Amsterdam.
BARRIE.TIF A photo of Barrie Parker.
DENE.TIF A photo of Dene Carter.
HORNY.TIF A high-res render of the Horned Reaper's head.
HORNY2.TIF A render of the Horned Reaper.
JONTY.TIF A photo of Jonty Barnes.
KINKYFAT.TIF A render of the Bile Demon and the Dark Mistress.
MARK.TIF A crop of the Amsterdam photo, focusing on Mark Healey.
PETER.TIF A photo of Peter Molyneux.
PETER2.TIF Another photo of Peter Molyneux.
RUSS.TIF A photo of Russell Shaw.
SHIN.TIF A photo of Shintaro Kanaoya.
SIMON.TIF A photo of Simon Carter.
STEVE.TIF A photo of lead tester Steven Lawrie.
SK1.TIF A sketch of a Troll.
SK2.TIF A sketch of a Horned Reaper.
SK3.TIF A sketch of an unknown creature.
SK4.TIF A sketch storyboarding the intro cinematic.
SK5.TIF A sketch storyboarding the intro cinematic.
DKMAP00.LBM The game's overworld (Deluxe Paint format).