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Dungeon Keeper Gold is a re-release and repackaging of Dungeon Keeper. It was released in 1998, and includes the original game updated with the patch, The Deeper Dungeons, the official level editor, the Direct3D version, and the desktop theme.[1] The story booklet The Dreadful Demise of Derek the Dauntless is also included in the box of some versions.[1] Some versions also have a Dungeon Keeper 2 trailer. Dungeon Keeper Gold was intended mainly for the North American market,[2] but was also released in Europe.

Some non-EA releases, such as the Dice, SoftKey and "collector" (not to be confused with Dungeon Keeper Collector's Edition) releases, do not include the soundtrack (presumably for copyright reasons).

The GOG and Steam versions run on DOS via DOSBox, and do not include the editor or the Direct3D version, for they all require Windows, and also lack the desktop theme; they're essentially just Dungeon Keeper and The Deeper Dungeons bundled together, though they do include photo and art goodies.[verification needed]




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