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Dungeon Keeper Online (地下城守护者OL), also known as Dungeon Keeper World, was a MMORPG based upon the Dungeon Keeper series. It was announced on 1 December 2008 by NetDragon Websoft Inc., an online game developer based in China. It has two modes: a land mode and the dungeon mode. They incorporate elements of World of Warcraft and Dungeon Keeper respectively. The game was made available only in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The servers running the game shut down on 20 December 2013.


Like other instalments in the Dungeon Keeper series, Dungeon Keeper Online has players take on the rôle of an evil overlord seeking to build and maintain an underground dungeon empire.[2]

The game features a "Dual Core" system, in which players can switch between the land and dungeon modes.[1]

World battle Dungeon Keeper Online

The land mode bears little resemblance to the rest of the Dungeon Keeper series, being much more like a World of Warcraft clone.[1] There are two races: Humans, and Demons, which are both split into males and females. There are also six classes of character: Restoration, Dual Blade, Destruction, Giant Shield, Element, and Giant Sword. Characters can be customised before starting the game in land mode. In land mode, players have to fight enemies and collect resources such as gold for use in dungeon mode. Characters can learn new skills and improve existing ones. Pots and food can be collected to recover health. Portals can appear and invite players into dungeons.[3]

Dungeon Heart messages Dungeon Keeper Online

The dungeon mode is where the dungeon keeping occurs.[4] Materials gathered in the land mode can be collected and used to construct a dungeon. Living quarters can be built to attract more minions. Like in the original Dungeon Keeper games, minions can be slapped with the Hand of Evil.[3] Minions kept in the dungeon can be summoned for combat in land mode.[2] Other rooms that can be constructed include the Treasure Room, Library, and Workshop, and there is also a Dungeon Heart.[5]


Dungeon Keeper World logo

Dungeon Keeper World logo

Dungeon Keeper Online was announced in December 2008, after NetDragon acquired a Dungeon Keeper licence from Electronic Arts.[6] The Chinese name (地下城守護者世界) was translated as Dungeon Keeper World,[1][7] but this was changed to Dungeon Keeper Online in 2011.[1] The game reached the beta stage in that year,[3] and it was made available for testing on 11 April 2012.[8] A US release was announced in February 2011,[9] but doesn't appear to have materialised. It was to be localised by TQ Digital Entertainment.[10]

Dungeon Keeper Online program icon

Program icon

Dungeon Keeper Online used the Scalpel 3 engine.[11]

The servers shut down on 20 December 2013.[12]


Dungeon building Dungeon Keeper Online

Dungeon mode showing some reused assets from Dungeon Keeper 2

  • Dungeon Keeper Online shares many icons (they are possibly updated versions) with Dungeon Keeper 2 (some icons are changed however), and introduces the following:


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