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Dungeon Keeper Small Utilities were written by Jon Skeet to aid in the examination and modification of Dungeon Keeper. The package comprises several programs, available on his website and on Keeper Klan, all of which are command line DOS programs and licensed under the MIT License:

  • xsfx - Extracts sound.
  • script - Script editor, intended to be used with conjunction with ADiKtEd.
    DKText Jon Skeet

    dktext editing TEXT.DAT

  • dktext - Text editor (Not to be confused with Dungeon Keeper Text from DKTools, also known as DKText). Only supports Latin alphabet text.
  • xgfx - Extracts graphics (into BMP format with a black background).
  • exanim - Extracts animations (into BMP format).
  • terrain - Extracts blocks (into BMP format).
  • rsfx - Reverses sound effects.

    Horned Reaper stats in cfg

  • cfg - Edits CREATURE.TXT. Later made into a Win32 program by Tomasz Lis.
  • dklevel - Level archiver.
  • dernc - Decompresses files compressed via Rob Northen compression.
  • rnc - Compresses files with Rob Northen compression (doesn't work with all files).

Updated versions of the dernc and rnc tools were made by mefistotelis under the name rnctools. They now run on Windows.

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