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Dungeon Keeper Social was a tower defence video game that was in development between late 2011 and late 2012. It was never officially announced, and it was cancelled and development of the Dungeon Keeper IP was handed over to Mythic Entertainment, who made Dungeon Keeper Mobile.


After Dungeon Keeper was chosen from a list of inactive Electronic Arts franchises to be made into Facebook games, Aaron Nemoyten was given the rôle of Combat System Designer. For design inspiration, he played through Dungeon Keeper 2. So that it would not seem like a straight clone of KlickNation's games, he proposed that the Call to Arms spell be made into the central control mechanic. He believed that this would add agency to players, and support negotiation o complex dungeons like the original games.

After making a paper prototype, which included drawing a dungeon on graph paper, making lists of units with different specs, and moving them a certain number of times per turn to their target, it was determined that the system was feasible. The project needed approval; to that end, a programmer and some artists were brought in. Within weeks, a basic prototype had been built. This included summoning minions, setting the target via the Call to Arms spell, and combat against enemies.

The prototype continued to be refined over the following month; spells with a limited number of uses were added, including one that destroyed walls, and four dungeon designs of increasing complexity were made. The units were configurable, and the maps were editable. Nemoyten spent most of his time tweaking values, playing the prototype, and seeking feedback. After the original programmer was pulled away, Nemoyten took over some of the programming; he finished the popup damage numbers and UI elements. The prototype was then presented to some playtesters within Electronic Arts, who have the project the green light.

Nemoyten then completed a lot of design work. Four currencies and their connexions to different buildings, a build tree with an increasing number of buildings, all having related unit unlocks, various traps and defences, and all available units were planned out. However, for undisclosed reasons, the game was cancelled. Mythic Entertainment then took over development of the IP, and produced Dungeon Keeper Mobile, which was announced in August 2013, and released in January 2014.