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This is a list of all Dungeon Keeper tools. For the tools suite known as DKTools, see DKTools.
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This page lists tools (such as editors and viewers) for Dungeon Keeper.


Level Editors[]

The official Editor[]

The official Editor was created by Bullfrog and released on their website and with Dungeon Keeper Gold.

The installer for the editor will not run on modern Windows versions, so special instructions need to be followed to get it to run on modern operating systems. And even then, without using frame limiters, the application will run extremely fast, making it harder to control than originally intended.

The interface is very straightforward, but the feature set so limited that even maps from the original game could not all be replicated.


ADiKtEd is an alternative level editor for Dungeon Keeper. It is text-based, but it is possible to do things with ADiKtEd that cannot be done with the official editor.

The text base interface will deter many people from trying it, but documentation is extensive, and the quick start guide should allow most people - that understand English - to make maps without any trouble. Once the interface is mastered, the editor will enable users to quickly make maps as it as several features that allow you to make large edits with minor effort, such as the map generator.


UnDed was abandoned after the official editor was released, although it received some updates in 2008.

This editor has been known to corrupt the map files and create logic errors on maps. This can cause graphics errors, and may even freeze the game; this is not always obvious from the start. As such, maps created with this tool should first be fixed up by the ADiKtEd editor or specialized tools before being played or distributed.

It needs Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Plus installed to run.


Unearth was released in 2021. Like AdiKtEd, it can do many things that are impossible with the official editor, but is much more user-friendly. It also supports experimental KeeperFX-specific features, such as custom Dungeon Special boxes.


Comparison Table
Official ADiKtEd UnDed Unearth
Interface Dungeon Keeper GUI Console Windows GUI Godot GUI
Tileset support All installed tilesets Dungeon Keeper & Deeper Dungeons tilesets Dungeon Keeper tilesets only All installed tilesets plus custom ones. Multi-tileset maps supported
Thing support Common things only All standard things Many things Everything
Terrain support Standard terrain only All terrain All terrain[Note 1] All terrain
Column editing X mark Yes check X mark Yes check
Level loading Root only Root only Anywhere Anywhere
2D view Yes check Yes check Yes check Yes check
3D view Yes check X mark X mark Yes check
First-person view Yes check X mark X mark Yes check (basic)
Script generator X mark Yes check Yes check Yes check
Jump ability Yes check X mark Yes check Yes check (indirectly[Note 2])
Framerate limiter X mark N/A N/A Yes check
Language support English English English English
Documentation Extensive Extensive Minimal Minimal
Documentation languages English Japanese English English English
Runs on modern systems Yes check (with difficulty) Yes check Yes check (with difficulty) Yes check
Operating system support Windows 10 Windows 10 MS-DOS logo Windows 10 Windows 10 Tux

Stats Editors[]


Enslave is a DOS-based CREATURE.TXT editor. It can only edit creature stats, not other stats in CREATURE.TXT. Obviously, it does not work with KeeperFX.

Dungeon Keeper Creatures.txt Editor (dkcrtred)[]

Unlike Enslave, dkcrtred edits all CREATURE.TXT stats, not just those of the creatures. Originally released as part of Jon Skeet's Dungeon Keeper Small Utilities as a DOS program as cfg, it was remade into a Win32 executable in 2008 by Tomasz Lis. Does not work on KeeperFX.

Dungeon Keeper Settings Editor[]

Like dkcrtred, Dungeon Keeper Settings Editor can modify CREATURE.TXT stats. Unlike dkcrtred, it has a GUI and can also edit DDCREAT.TXT. it can edit creature stats, room stats, Keeper Spell stats, trap and door stats, Creature Spell stats, Research values, and a few other stats. Works only on the original game, not KeeperFX.

KeeperFX Creature Editor[]

Not to be confused with CreatureMaker.

Written for KeeperFX, KeeperFX Creature Editor (also referred to as FXCE or KeeperFXCE) can edit the stats in each of the remade creature configuration files, and also save a creature's configuration as another file (e.g. for campaign-making purposes). Does not work with the original game.

Text Editors[]

Dungeon Keeper Text Editor[]

Dungeon Keeper Text Editor (DKText32) views and can edit the game's text strings. Users can append new strings, too. However, it cannot handle text written in non-Latin scripts; due to the lack of the proper code page support, such text will appear as gibberish.

Dungeon Keeper Text[]

Dungeon Keeper Text (DKText) is part of the DKTools package. It enables the editing of the game's text.dat file. Like Dungeon Keeper Text Editor, it does not support non-Latin text, and such text appears as gibberish.


DKText is a command line text editor for Dungeon Keeper. It is part of Jon Skeet's Dungeon Keeper Small Utilities group of programs. Like the above-mentioned editors, it does not support non-Latin text.

Dungeon Keeper String Editor[]

Dungeon Keeper String Editor was written with KeeperFX in mind, but should work on the original game too. Unlike the other editors, it supports Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian text, and can also convert dat files into pot files for campaigns and map packs.


Text editor comparison
Feature Dungeon Keeper Text Dungeon Keeper Text Editor Dungeon Keeper String Editor DKText
Code page support Latin only Latin only All used by game Latin only
Rearrange strings X mark X mark Yes check X mark
Open with X mark Yes check Yes check N/A
Drop file X mark Yes check Yes check N/A
POT conversion X mark X mark Yes check X mark
Adjust font display Yes check X mark Yes check X mark
Go to Yes check X mark Yes check N/A
Undo Yes check Yes check Yes check X mark
Operating system(s) Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows MS-DOS
Language{s} French English English Japanese French English

Script Editors[]

Dungeon Keeper Script Editor[]

As its name implies, this is a script editor. It doesn't recognise the new script commands introduced in KeeperFX, so the program will say there are errors when viewing KeeperFX-specific scripts.

Other Editors[]

Dungeon Keeper High Scores[]

Views (and edits) the high scores of any map pack or campaign. It shows all entries, not just the top 10.


Not to be confused with KeeperFX Creature Editor.

Creates creatures (to be used in KeeperFX) from 3D models; used in conjunction with Blender.


Map Viewers[]

Dungeon Keeper Map Viewer[]

Lets you view map layouts. Expects levels to be in a directory named 'levels', and so does not support recent versions of KeeperFX.

Dungeon Keeper Quick Map Viewer[]

Like the Map Viewer, this views map layouts, albeit in a more simplified manner. There is no colour flashing of neutral rooms like there is in the game; neutral rooms are pure white. However, this can make it difficult to distinguish between neutral and hero-owned rooms (hero-owned rooms are white, but a darker shade). Previews can be saved, in BMP format, in the directory the program is run in.

Dungeon Keeper level previewer[]

Like Dungeon Keeper Quick Map Viewer, but more advanced: it supports more output formats, batch saving, and, most notably, the colour flashing of neutral rooms. Still previews are also supported, with neutral rooms being pure white, as with Dungeon Keeper Quick Map Viewer.

Unlike the other previewers, this supports the previewing of only one player's vision; however, it cannot take into account the full field of vision: it only displays the player's territory and tiles that are immediately adjacent to it.


Comparison Table
Map Viewer Quick Map Viewer Level Previewer
Style Textures (big)
Colours (small)
Colours Colours
Neutral Colour Flashing X mark X mark Yes check
Loads Compressed Maps Yes check Yes check X mark
Large/Small Level Support X mark X mark Yes check
Player Select X mark X mark Yes check
Open With X mark X mark Yes check
Drop File X mark X mark Yes check
Batch Saving X mark X mark Yes check
Output Formats BMP BMP GIF
Language support French French English French Japanese
Operating system support Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10

Other Viewers[]

DK Column Viewer[]

Views columns. You can click on any part of the map, and it'll view the texture at that location.

DK Cube Viewer[]

DK Cube Viewer is, as its name implies, a cube viewer.


Views palette (.pal) files.


Dungeon Keeper Sound[]

Dungeon Keeper Sound can play sound files from inside the .dat files (sound.dat and speech.dat), extract them, and make a list of them in XML format. Also works with the Theme Hospital sound dat files, as they're the same format.

Dungeon Keeper Settings[]

Lets you set the game options (including hotkeys) from outside the game.

Unded Level Fix[]

Fixes maps corrupted by UnDed.


DeRNC decompresses files compressed with Rob Northen compression.

Dungeon Keeper Level Access[]

This sets the level in the continue save file.

KeeperFX WSL Helper[]

Facilitates the building of KeeperFX using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Does not actually build anything; it merely makes the call to WSL, so the user does not have to type the command out.


  1. Excluding the pseudo-terrain Purple Path. UnDed also doesn't know what the non-standard terrain types are and displays them as black squares, but allows you to place them all the same.
  2. Unearth does not have a direct jump function, but zooming is linked to the cursor position. This can be used to effectively jump to an area of the map.