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The Dwarf is a hero unit in Dungeon Keeper 2.


Dwarf panel icon

Dwarf panel icon

Dwarves are the heroes' equivalent of Imps. They are weak fighters, and pose no challenge for creatures in a 1-on-1 fight, though a group of them can be troublesome for lower level creatures and can overwhelm them by sheer numbers.

Most Keepers simply leave them to be tortured for information or left to rot in the Graveyard to attract Vampires.

Dwarves are the ones who invade the dungeon via digging and can be annoying since they make holes in the dungeon making it easier for enemies to enter the dungeon, but useful if converted. Although they dig and are able to claim rooms and land, they cannot haste or teleport, and demand wages (unlike Imps) if you convert them.

If converted, they're useful in groups of 5 or more to overwhelm lesser creatures, but their health is low and will fall unconscious rather quickly, in turn they level up very quickly in combat and when level 10, a group of them against weaker creatures can kill them.

Dwarf Cinematic 3

A scared Dwarf in the intro Cinematic

They get scared very easily as a single Skeleton makes them retreat but with a Guard, Giant or a Knight can make them bold enough to help in the fight.

The Mentor's Thoughts[]

"A dwarf has converted. These bearded folk will fight viciously when attacked, and can prove to be a deadly nuisance to their enemies."
The Mentor, Pet Dungeon Mode (DK2)


  • In Dungeon Keeper 2, Dwarves replace the Tunneller by digging through the earth. They have also lost much of their fighting ability, making them weak fighters that should be reinforced by more powerful heroes.
  • Dwarves, unlike Imps, don’t hold mana and don’t heal automatically, but can dig walls a lot faster than the Imp, making it useful to invade enemy dungeons quickly and do surprise attacks.
  • At some point in the game development Dwarves were supposed to be a normal creature with food requirement, wages and lair also proven by the job list given but then were changed into the Imp counterpart.
  • Normally they can't get unhappy, but can become unhappy or angry if the Keeper is witnessed to slap a jackpot winner or they are subject to torture, and once unhappy or angry they can't get happy unless a special Make Happy is used.
  • They are a good conversion because of their lack of desiring wages and their digging speed higher than imps and can also fight, especially in groups where they defeat other creatures, but are weak and need to be watched as they frequently run into traps or wander in dungeons alone usually getting outnumbered. They are, however, also good at scaring away enemy Imps in land-claim wars with other Keepers.
  • Dwarves cannot be sacked.[1]
  • The Dwarf was voiced by Lewis MacLeod,[2], who voiced the Advisor in the European version of Theme Park World.


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