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Electronic Arts (EA) is an American video game developer and publisher, who published the Dungeon Keeper series of games.

EA acquired Bullfrog Productions in 1995. Peter Molyneux became a vice president of EA and head of its European branch,[1][2] but became dissatisfied with the corporate aspects of the job. During the development of Dungeon Keeper, Molyneux decided to quit Bullfrog, which EA believed would be a distraction, so he was banned from the offices. As a result, development moved to his house for the final year or so.[3] When Dungeon Keeper was released, Molyneux left Bullfrog and EA.

Around the time the PlayStation 2 was released, EA began to focus more on console games than PC games. They were also in talks with New Line Cinema for the rights to The Lord of the Rings, and with J. K. Rowling for the rights to Harry Potter. They obtained the rights, which spelt doom for Dungeon Keeper 3; Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings were famous franchises, and Dungeon Keeper was still experimental. The project was cancelled in favour of those money-spinners.[4]

In 2013, an iOS and Android Dungeon Keeper game was announced.[5] Developed by another EA subsidiary, Mythic Entertainment, it was released early the following year. The game was widely and heavily criticised for its reliance on microtransactions.[6][7][8]



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