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'Your Library is still not functional; you must enlarge it!' - The Mentor (DK2)
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"Sing-Song. A joyous land, filled with light and music. Let us silence their wailing voices once and for all! This land is defended by Lord Darius, a far tougher opponent than Lord Antonius. Only by harnessing the forces of dark magic will you defeat him. Build a Library to attract Warlocks to your cause, and they will reveal to you the secrets of the arcane."
— The Mentor, level briefing

Enchantments, the realm of Sing-Song, is the second level of the Dungeon Keeper 2 campaign. This is where Keeper Spells are first used, and Warlocks appear in this level for the first time. This level introduces the Library and the Training Room, and is the player's first introduction to water.

Once you have built a Lair and Hatchery and claimed the Portal, you are instructed to then build a Library - attracting Warlocks and allowing you to research spells if it is large enough. Once this is complete you can build the Training Room, which when big enough, will allow your creatures to earn experience and level up to level 4 by hitting the dummies within, as long as you have enough gold to afford it.

Once research in underway you learn about the concept of mana and the spell panel, and once completed, you can cast the Create Imp spell to create more drones, learning about their effect on your mana levels.

You are also taught about picking up and dropping creatures, and how creatures are temporarily stunned when dropped. You are also taught about the Portal limit in this game - having a portal will allow you to fifteen creatures, and you can drop creatures into it to remove them and make space for another.

Once you have researched Thunderbolt, you are instructed to dig to the north, where you will encounter Dwarves among the water and gold seam. Once they are defeated and you have rested, it's time to venture further north to Lord Darius' keep, who will enter through the Hero Gate for the final fight. Don't forget to head to the east before this, where a Mana Boost special will allow you to blast heroes with lightning more times.

Once Darius is defeated, Horny will collect the Portal Gem and the level is over.


"Enchantments"- Sing-Song
Primary Goal
Attack Lord Darius's Keep and kill him
Ancillary Goal(s)
Construct a Library and have the Warlocks discover new spells

Have your creatures upskill in the Training Room

Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 15
Starting Gold 16000
Starting Forces 4 Imps
May Attract
Goblin icon Warlock        
May Create or Summon
Imp pickup      
Lair icon Library2 Icon Medium            
Hatchery2 Icon Medium Training Room2 Icon Medium          
Createimp2 icon medium         |  
Thunderbolt icon medium         |  
No Doors or Traps

The Map starts with the Dungeon Heart surrounded by walls, the Library and Training Room will be made available to build. The first thing is to build a 5x3 Lair and a 3x3 Hatchery, then claim the Portal nearby.

Now the Imps must dig at least a 4x4 Library and a 4x4 for the Training Room, as the Warlocks will be attracted by it they will soon come to join in the dungeon, alongside Goblins.

After building all the rooms, place the Goblins in the Training Room and let Warlocks research spells in the Library, but be wary as soon heroic Dwarves will break in the dungeon and assault it, but the Goblins will deal with them without too many problems. Afterwards, you can dig north where there will be a small area surrounded by water and a few veins of gold, since no Bridges or Treasuries can be built it's recommended to dig the veins moderately.

Nearby before Darius' keep, there's a Special Mana Boost, useful to use in case the mana is running low. The mentor now should tell about digging the two areas of land that lead to Darius' keep, be prepared, as soon it's breached, a wave of Dwarves will attack, soon joined by Lord Darius, if fully trained Goblins and Warlocks will make short work of the Dwarves and using the Thunderbolt spell to stun Darius will make things easier to the creatures to kill him. Once killed, Horny will come to claim the Portal Gem.