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Environmental Audio Extensions (EAX) is an extension to Microsoft's DirectSound3D library that adds environmental audio effects to its positioning. It was introduced with the Sound Blaster Live! line of sound cards. The library is supported in Dungeon Keeper 2,[1] in which it is called Environmental Effects.


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How can EAX be reënabled for non-Creative sound cards?

If Dungeon Keeper 2 detects EAX support, an additional option will appear in the Sound Options menus to toggle it.

Sound Blaster Live! CT4760

The Sound Blaster Live! was the only sound card at the time of the game's release to support EAX; newer Sound Blasters also support it

From Windows Vista onwards, DirectSound3D was deprecated, meaning EAX no longer works on games that support it, even with the correct hardware. Creative Technology released a program called ALchemy, which restores DirectSound3D and EAX functionality to such games; however, it only works on the Sound Blaster line of sound cards. It works on Dungeon Keeper 2, though it is not officially listed as working.[2]


  • The EAX icon is almost identical to the mana icon, except that it has a brown background instead of green:
EAX Mana
Environmental Effects icon Dungeon Keeper 2 Mana icon Dungeon Keeper 2

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