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The Evil Keeper campaign for Dungeon Keeper was made in September 1997, less than three months after the game's release. It is one of the first (quite possibly the first) custom campaign for the game, made before even the official map editor was released.

Because it was made with UnDed, the original maps were corrupted; therefore, they had to be fixed. The campaign is included with KeeperFX.


The level names are not fictional; they were taken from an address book.

  1. Frohenwalde
  2. Gontringen
  3. Gutenberg
  4. Hildburghausen
  5. Unter-Uhlstedt
  6. Neu-Schonau
  7. Klagenfurt
  8. Stillertal
  9. Gackenhof an der Wasserkuppe
  10. Feuerfingen
  11. Grub bei Neukirchen
  12. Gotham City
  13. Bad Tolz
  14. Hameln
  15. St. Goar
  16. Hammerburg
  17. Ofenloch
  18. Bruhnsbuttel
  19. Klingenhagen
  20. Felsenstein

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