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For the gameplay mechanic, see Fear.
For the cut spell, see Fear (Creature Spell).
For the trap, see Fear Trap.

"Elmshadow. You face a strange quest this time, Keeper, you must not only conquer this land, you must also conquer fear. Lord Constantine has installed himself as master of all he surveys at 'Keep Fear' and protected himself with powerful Traps. It is said that all who attempt to depose him turn back at their first attempt, their faces contorted with terror."
— The Mentor, level briefing

Fear is the 5th level in Dungeon Keeper 2, located in Elmshadow. This level revolves around the concept of Fear; it introduces the Fear TrapSkeletons and the Prison. The Dungeon Special for Golf can be found in this level.

The intro to this level lays out the plan: your creatures will not be able to get close to Lord Constantine's keep, and you will need to capture a room elsewhere in this level to help with this. This room is of course the Prison, able to raise the corpse of any humanoid killed inside it into an animated Skeleton, who are unable to feel fear at all. These creatures will be key to breaking the Fear Traps and storming the keep.

You have enough space to build your dungeon how you see fit, but will quickly hit pockets of water. No matter, the newly-found Wooden Bridge will let you claim territory over it and continue your expansion. You will be informed that you can also build these bridges over lava, but they will not last forever.

This level is also the first time Wizards are introduced. Being the goodly counterpart to the Warlock, they will fling fireballs at your creatures and heal their allies.

Once you have claimed the Prison and created your first Skeleton, you will be informed that Skeletons are different to most other creatures - not only do they not feel fear, they do not need sleep or nourishment. This can be useful, but also causes them to act recklessly, often continuing fights that other creatures would flee from. When Skeletons are destroyed, they leave no corpse - only a shower of bones.

Once the Prison is yours, you will learn that Imps will drag unconscious enemy creatures to the Prison to rot, but will only do so on land you own - Wooden Bridges are key for claiming bodies from within the water. Shortly afterwards, you will be attacked by the heroes to the north, providing you with more skeleton fodder to bolster your army. Digging to the south-east and defeating the Dwarves standing guard will lead you to a cavern containing two neutral Skeletons to further aid your forces.

Constantine's Keep Dungeon Keeper 2

The entrance to Lord Constantine's keep, guarded by traps of fear.

Once your army is of a decent enough size, head north to take the keep. As you may expect, the Fear Traps outside Lord Constantine's keep will repel most creatures, and will even expel you from their body if you are possessing them. The simplest way to solve this problem is to either drop Skeletons nearby or possess one yourself - they have no fear of death, so these traps have no effect. Note that this isn't the only way to destroy these traps, but it is by far the most efficient. You could also consider letting ranged units like Warlocks or Dark Elves destroy these traps from range, or group a large number of creatures together - sometimes safety in numbers overcomes cowardice.

Once you have breached the keep, you will first be met by Knights and Sentry Traps. Keep an eye on your Skeletons, as they will often run towards the goodly heroes with little regard to their own safety and will quickly crumble. Moving towards Lord Constantine will cause further Knights and Wizards to erupt from the Hero Gate. Defeat these and kill Lord Constantine to finish the level.

Slightly north of the keep is the game's first Locate Hidden Realm special - make sure to snag and use this special before the level is over.


"Fear"- Elmshadow
Primary Goal
Storm Lord Constantine's keep and eliminate him
Ancillary Goal(s)
Capture the Prison

Produce Skeletons to assist you

Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 15
Starting Gold 1500
Starting Forces 2 Imps
May Attract
  Warlock   Troll pickup Darkelf  
May Create or Summon
Imp pickup Skeleton pickup    
Lair icon Library2 Icon Medium Treasury Icon Medium   Wooden Bridge Icon Medium      
Hatchery2 Icon Medium Training Room2 Icon Medium Workshop2 Icon Medium Guard Room Icon Medium      
Createimp2 icon medium Possession icon medium       |  
Thunderbolt icon medium         |  
Traps & Doors
Wooden Door2 Icon Medium     Sentry Trap Icon Medium          


  • The opening image features a coat of arms not seen in this level or anywhere else in the game.
Fear briefing Dungeon Keeper 2
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