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Fireball is a basic creature spell available in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Online.

Description (Dungeon Keeper)[]

A simple ranged spell which inflicts medium damage. A low level attack weapon that fires a single fireball.

Both the manual and the official guide book claim that Fireball shots home in on enemies.[3][4]


  • The Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc contains wave files of Mentor dialogue that were cut from the game, one of which mentioning a 'Fireblast' spell being available.[5] This is possibly this spell, or an early version of it.

Description (Dungeon Keeper 2)[]

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"A ball of flame that inflicts fire damage on anything it hits. For use on single targets only."
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

Fireball is a spell available to Warlocks and Wizards from level 1 and from Salamanders at level 8. Horny also has his own variant of this, which stuns the creature it hits.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

In Dungeon Keeper Online, Fireball has a blast radius, damaging creatures caught in it.[2][1]


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