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The Floating Spirit is a pseudo-creature in Dungeon Keeper. Its main use is in the Possess Creature mode after the player dies, where it is also known as the Lost Soul.[1]

Floating Spirits can also be used as normal creatures, and can be picked up, dropped, and slapped like any other, but do not appear on the Creature Panel (although they do count towards a Keeper's creature limit). There is no icon to represent the Floating Spirit. They appear as nitid, almost ghostly, white lights (in fact, they look a bit like Gods in Lionhead Studios' Black & White, Peter Molyneux's game following Dungeon Keeper), and have no abilities of any kind. All they do is wander about. Their Lair bed is invisible.

They are immune to pretty much everything, except, for some reason, Lightning Traps and Lightning Strikes (as they only have one hitpoint, they die instantly on being hit by one of these). Floating Spirits do not trigger other traps. Boulder Traps do not explode, like they do for the Avatar; instead they just keep rolling as if there was nothing there, leaving the Floating Spirit intact. Interestingly, despite not being a proper creature, the Floating Spirit does have a dying animation.

Attempting to possess, query, or view a Floating Spirit in the battle window will cause the game to crash.[clarification needed]

Defeated Keepers in multiplayer become Floating Spirits.[2]

Before the game was revamped in 1996, dead creatures released their spirits, which would be picked up by Imps for their mana.[3]



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