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Flowerhat is the 4th level in Dungeon Keeper.

In Flowerhat, the Keeper has to attack a dungeon owned by the heroes of the land above. The goal is to destroy the white Dungeon Heart, an extremely durable object defended by a Knight and assorted warriors.

Flowerhat introduces the concept and how-to of going on offense. It also reveals the existence of an inexhaustible source of gold in the game, the Gem Seam, and a large number of other dungeon features.

Flowerhat is ruled by Sir Glenneth.[1]


For all the space needed to describe its content, it's still early in the game, and the level is simple. Before bridging the lava to the north of the Red domain, build up a force of trained monsters, or use doors and traps defensively, as desired. There is unlimited mineral income here. Time isn't of the essence.

If the red (aggressive) Computer Assistant is turned on, it can usually win the level within a few hours.

Attack the White dungeon either by claiming territory and dropping creatures in when Heroes are encountered, or by casting Call to Arms and battling your way through in one go.


Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 20
Starting Gold 3000
Starting Forces 4 Imps
May Attract
  Beetle-icon   Demon-spawn-icon Warlock-icon     Troll-icon
May Create or Summon
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small Training Room Icon Small
Library Icon Small Bridge Icon Small   Workshop Icon Small
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small   SpeedMonster Icon Small
  CallToArms Icon Small    
  Heal Icon Small    
Traps & Doors
  Trap Gas Small    
Door Wooden Small      
  • Portal Speed: 400 Turns
  • Creature Pool:
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn     20
Troll-icon Troll 20
Beetle-icon Beetle 10
Warlock-icon Warlock 5
  • Neutral Things
Portal Icon Small Portal
Gems - 3 slabs with 5 open faces
9500 gold stowed inside White Dungeon
Spider-icon (7)  Spider-icon (2)  Spider-icon (2)  - cave, top end of map
  • Specials
Increase Level - to the East, from where the player first encounters Lava, on a small island.
Increase Level - stowed inside White Dungeon
Steal Hero - stowed inside White Dungeon
Transfer Creature - cave, top end of map


  • Wanderers
Archer-icon (1)  Archer-icon (1)  Archer-icon (1)  Archer-icon (1)
Archers are camping the White entrance, across the lava moat from Red, two indoors and two out.
  • Hero Party "HERO1"
Archer-icon (1)  Archer-icon (1)   Mountain-dwarf-icon (1)  Mountain-dwarf-icon (1)   - carrying 400 gold
On entering White Dungeon, if the player's Creatures move down the corridor branching left, this party suddenly springs out from behind a Wooden Door, opposite to the Party "HERO3".
  • Hero Party "HERO2"
Thief-icon (1)  Thief-icon (1)   - 200 gold
On entering White Dungeon, if the player moves down the corridor branching right, two copies of this party suddenly spring out from behind the Wooden Doors facing each other.
  • Hero Party "HERO3"
Barbarian-icon (1)  Barbarian-icon (1)   - 200 gold
On entering White Dungeon, if the player moves down the corridor branching left, this party suddenly springs out from behind a Wooden Door, opposite to the Party "HERO1".
  • Hero Party "HERO4"
Archer-icon (2)  Barbarian-icon (1)   - 200 gold
Two copies of this party enter through a Hero Gate, along with "KNIGHT", when the player reaches the White Dungeon Heart.
  • Hero Party "KNIGHT"
Knight-icon (3)   - 20,000 gold
The Lord of the Land enters through a Hero Gate, alongside two copies of "HERO4", when the player reaches the White Dungeon Heart. But the game is not finished until the Heart is destroyed.

New Rooms, Creatures, and Items[]

Important Keeper Spells, Call to Arms and Heal, can now be researched and are useful in fulfilling the map objective.

Flowerhat furthermore introduces the Workshop and the Troll, a creature attracted by the Workshop. The Workshop allows the player to manufacture and place Traps and Doors to help secure the Dungeon against enemies. It is possible to manufacture the Wooden Door and Poison Gas Trap here.

Flowerhat is the first realm to include a Hero Dungeon Heart, and a new class of hero, the Barbarian, makes an appearance. It is also the first realm to have Dungeon Specials: two Increase Level boxes, a Transfer Creature, and a Steal Hero. The first Increase Level can be accessed by making a Bridge heading to the right of where the player first encounters lava, on a small island. The second Increase Level and the Steal Hero are found in the small rooms at the beginning of the heroes' realm. The Transfer Creature Special is found in a cave set into (and outlined by) the impenetrable rock in the north, along with a new type of creature, the Spider.

Gem seams are introduced in this realm. They are a source of infinite wealth, never breaking like gold seams do. However, they are mined much more slowly than gold. They can be found south of the player's Dungeon Heart.


Briefing Text
"Build up your dungeon with the rooms available to you and claim the Portal nearby but do not yet venture north. Powerful adversaries lurk there. It would be wiser not to disturb them until you are prepared."
Player owns Portal, Treasure, Lair, Hatchery, Training, & Library
"A study of dungeon designs reveals that Workshops manufacture essential furniture, such as Doors and Traps. If your Workshop occupies a square of at least nine tiles, its mere presence will lure the underworld's finest artisans into your dungeon."
The Workshop is made available.
9+ Workshop slabs
"To manufacture Traps and Doors in your Workshop you will need to assign creatures to it, by dropping them into the room. Manufactured items can be selected from the Workshop Panel as soon as they're ready."
Trolls are made available through the Portal.
9+ Workshop slabs but has not researched Bridge
"You will have to find a way to cross the river of molten lava that bars your way."
"Clever research has given your Imps the engineering skill to build Bridges. You will need Bridges to cross some of the more hazardous underworld terrain."
9+ Workshop slabs and researched Bridge
"When your troops are sufficient in number and have had some training, lead them north and crush any who oppose you."
"A Troll has joined you. Skilled in the craft of manufacturing, trolls are best employed doing dark deeds in your Workshop. They don't complain about the hours, because their labours keep them away from combat."
Call to Arms
"You have researched the Call to Arms spell. The first time you cast it, your creatures gather around a banner created by the spell. Cast it again in a target area. Call to Arms only costs gold when it's targetted beyond your territory."
Wooden Door
"Your Workshop has created a Wooden Door. Placed in a corridor, it restricts access to the enemy. Your creatures may pass freely. Lock or unlock Doors by clicking over them with the left mouse button."
Poison Gas Trap
"Your Workshop has produced a Poison Gas trap. Position it and, when an intruder sets it off, it will envelop the area in deadly vapours."
Player enters vicinity of White Dungeon Heart
"The enemy's Dungeon Heart throbs before you. Assemble your minions nearby and administer the coup de grace."
White Dungeon Heart destroyed
"With the enemy Dungeon Heart in ruins, you have trounced the once proud opposition. Rule your new domain with terror and loathing, for a laugh."

Sound Bytes[]

"Flowerhat. Polite bartering has lead to extreme compassion and a surfeit of contentment in this area. Not even a thick-skinned Troll could survive the understanding and help these scummy people can provide."
— The Mentor, Intro
"Valianor. Nothing is left of this settlement apart from a stubborn stain in the ground. Our Trolls are hard at work trying to erase this at the moment. Then we'll spray acid over the entire locale."
— Canon Outro


There are a number of odd rules in effect for this map.

  • There is a Lord of the Land, but he is not intrinsic to the map objective.
  • The maximum experience level for Demon Spawns here is 10, meaning that they cannot yet Grow Up into Dragons.
  • Less importantly, a maximum level has been set for various heroes. The maximum level of a Barbarian is 2, and the maximum for the Knight, Thief, Mountain Dwarf, Tunneller (none present), and Archer is set to 3. The player (using the Steal Hero) ignores these restrictions completely. The Thief can even Grow Up into a Knight, as normal, if trained beyond Level 10.
  • The Keeper is permitted to attract Flies in this realm, but there are none in the Creature Pool.
  • Once 9 slabs of Workshop are down, a scripted event gives the player access to the Trolls in the Creature Pool. But normally, in Dungeon Keeper 1 Trolls can be attracted with just 1 Workshop slab.
  • This realm's outtro speech file, BAD04.WAV, makes more sense if renamed to BAD19.WAV to correspond with Mistle. Blaise End's outro file, BAD18.WAV (Valianor), makes more sense renamed to 04 to match up with Flowerhat. These files are in the game subdirectory \SOUND\ATLAS\.
  • The names for this level in other languages are as follows:
Translations: Flowerhat
Language Translation
French Chapofleury
Italian Ghirlandia
German Blumingen
Dutch Bloemenkind
Polish Kwiatowice
Czech Kytičková Čepice
Russian Флауэрхат
Japanese フラワーハット
Chinese 饰花之帽 / 花帽国



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