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Freeze is a creature spell in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Online. As its name implies, it freezes the target, rendering it immobile.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Frozen in Possession Dungeon Keeper

Being frozen whilst in Possession

Freeze is a projectile that suspends enemies in place for a duration. The projectile dissipates after travelling 10 tiles. The creature is then held in suspended animation until it thaws, making this a very powerful spell, as frozen creatures are not able to move, attack or use magic during this time. If a frozen creature is killed, it shatters and explodes into a gory mess, leaving no corpse for bothering other creatures or to be used as Vampire food.

If the player slaps a frozen creature, it dies immediately, regardless of its remaining hit points. In this case, it leaves a blood puddle that can be carried to Graveyards by Imps.

Sufficiently trained Spiders like to go Prisons and freeze captives there for fun.

If frozen in possession mode, the player's view is blurred as looking through ice.

In KeeperFX 1.1.0, this was made into a Keeper spell, which exists alongside the creature spell. The Keeper spell freezes the target by drenching it in ice, whereas the creature spell simply freezes it.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Dungeon Keeper Frozen Enemy First Person

In Dungeon Keeper 2, Freeze is a spell unique to the Mistress. It takes the form of a bluish projectile that freezes an enemy in flame, similar to the effects of the Freeze Trap. If an enemy is knocked out while frozen, they will not fall over, and can be carried by Imps while still standing up.


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