Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Freeze icon medium Freeze icon medium dk2
Learnt by Beetle (lvl 7)

Spider (lvl 4)
Tentacle (lvl 5)
Fairy (lvl 10)
Wizard (lvl 6)
Samurai (lvl 9)
Avatar (lvl 6) (DK1)

Mistress (DK2)

Damage 0
Time active 125 (DK1)
20 seconds (DK2)
Area of effect Projectile

Freeze is a Creature Spell in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.

General InformationEdit

Freeze is a projectile that suspends enemies in place for a duration. The projectile dissipates after travelling 10 tiles. The creature is then held in suspended animation until it thaws, making this a very powerful spell as frozen creatures are not able to move, attack or use magic during this time. If a frozen creature killed while it is frozen, affected creatures shatter and explode into a gory mess, leaving no corpse for bothering other creatures or to be used as vampire food.

If the player slaps a frozen creature it dies immediately, regardless of its remaining hit points. In this case it leaves a blood puddle that can be carried to the graveyards by imps.

Sufficiently trained Spiders like to go Prisons and freeze captives there for fun.

If frozen in Possession mode, the players view is blurred as looking through ice.


Below is a list of Creatures and Heroes that can cast the spell (in order they can be obtained or encountered), with the respective levels at which they unlock the spell:



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