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Dungeon Keeper 2[]

The Freeze Trap deals no damage, but on contact with enemies, it freezes them in place for a short while, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

This trap is best used in combination with Sentry and Lightning traps. It freezes creatures on the tile in place, allowing you more time to hit them with your creatures and allows your other traps to get more shots in. The Freeze Trap is not triggered by flying creatures.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

The Dungeon Keeper Online version of the Freeze Trap decelerates its targets.[2][1]

Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]

Freeze Trap

Freeze Trap


The Freeze Trap is a destructible trap that slows enemies within its AOE. The slow debuff lowers enemy movement speed and attack speed for the duration. The Freeze trap itself deals negligible damage, and therefore relies on nearby defenses to have any more effect than a weak door. Freeze Traps are always revealed and vulnerable to Disable Trap. Affecting both ground and air units, this trap can be paired with any kind of defensive structure. The duration of the slow effect raises with rank, reaching a perma-slow at max rank.

Trap Spotlight[]

[1]by Gene_Mythic » Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:48 pm

Tired of having your enemies' Minions running roughshod through your Dungeon, seemingly with impunity? Chillax, Keepers! We have a possible solution for you: the Freeze Trap!

In addition to doing a nominal amount of damage, the main purpose of this Trap is to slow the movement and attack speeds of encroaching enemy Minions (those that get within 2 tiles, at any rate). As a result, this Trap is best used in conjunction with other Traps, Rooms and Minions. As an added bonus, all enemy Minions suffer from its icy grasp - even Ghosts! AND... the Freeze Trap works through walls, so hide it away for maximum effect!

Unlocked by upgrading your Workshop to Level 3, the Freeze Trap can also be upgraded to increase its overall health (HP), as well as increase the duration of its Slow effect. The Freeze trap fires off once every 4 seconds, and at Level 1 the accompanying Slow effect lasts for 1.5 seconds.

The freeze duration increases with level.

There's really no better way to give your enemies the "cold shoulder". Am I right, Keepers?


  • At level 6, the slow duration lasts 4 seconds, meaning they can keep enemies nearby constantly in a slow state
  • ’Boost effectiveness’ effects caused by the Mistress is immune to slow effects, making freeze traps ineffective against them, trolls will still go out of their way to destroy the trap though
  • Trolls target the trap that hits them first, if a freeze trap hits them 2nd, that will help keep the 1st trap alive longer causing the trolls to walk around it, providing the freeze trap isn’t in the way
  • The slow effect is the same as the Unholy Temple, though the freeze trap can hit unlimited targets
  • Slow effects do not stack
  • Freeze traps are often considered to be the most deadly trap in the game according to high level players, they will often disable them first if they decide to use the disable trap spell
  • Works best when combined with other traps as they only do 1 damage per trigger
  • Effective when combined with Bug Zapper traps against all minions and immortals
  • Effective against trolls when combined with Fireburst Traps
  • Effective next to resource rooms when combined with a door, helps keep bile demons out
  • Extremely effective against Magmaw, it can do up to 200 damage to him compared to 1 damage against everything else.


Targets Ground & Air
Damage Type Ice
Number of Targets Unlimited
Attack Speed 4s
Attack Range 2 Tiles
Status Effect Slow
Status Duration 1.5s
(increases with level)

Traps Available[]

Workshop Traps Added Max Traps
Level 3 2 2
Level 5 2 4
Level 7 2 6
Level 13 1 7
Level 16 1 8
Level 21 2 10
Level 29 1 11

Total amount of traps is 11 as of patch 8.2


Level Damage Health Freeze Duration Build Time Cost (Stone) Workshop Required
1 1 225 1.5s 1h 3,000 Level 3
2 1 340 2s 2h 20k Level 3
3 1 480 2.5s 4h 50k Level 3
4 1 815 3s 8h 300k Level 3
5 1 1,240 3.5s 16h 800k Level 3
6 1 1,755 4s 1d 1.4M Level 3
7 1 1,940 4.3s 1d 12h 2.0M Level 3
8 1 2,105 4.6s 2d 3.0M Level 3
9 1 2,335 4.9s 2d 12h 4.0M Level 3
10 1 2,510 5.5s 3d 5.5M Level 3
11 1 2,670 5.6s 4d 8M ?
12 1 2,820 5.7s 5d 12M ?
13 1 2,990 5.8s 6d 16M ?
14 1 3,140 5.9s 7d 20M ?
15 1 3,290 6s 8d 24M ?
16 1 3,430 6.1s 8d 28M ?
17 1 3,580 6.2s 9d 32M ?
18 1 3,730 6.3s 9d 36M ?
19 1 3,860 6.4s 10d 40M ?
20 1 4,010 6.5s 10d 44M ?
21 1 4,160 6.6s 11d 50M ?
22 1 4,310 6.7s 11d 52M ?
23 1 4,460 6.8s 12d 56M ?
24 1 4,610 6.9s 12d 60M ?
25 1 4,760 7.0s 13d 64M ?
26 1 4,910 7.1s 13d 68M ?
27 1 5,060 7.2s 14d 70M ?
28 1 5,210 7.2s 14d 74M ?
29 1 5,360 7.3s 16d 78M ?
30 1 5,510 7.5s 16d 86M ?
31 1 6,260 7.5s 30d 300







Note - Max level is 31

Dungeon Keeper[]

This trap was cut.[3] It immobilised creatures,[4] but whether it did this by being pressure-triggered (like in Dungeon Keeper 2) or firing the Freeze spell at creatures within its line of sight is unknown.


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