Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

The Freeze Trap deals no damage, but on contact with enemies, it freezes them in place for a short while, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

"If a group of enemy creatures comes within range of this trap, then an icy blast of freezing magic explodes and paralyses them. Creatures caught within this blast are unable to move or fight. As an added bonus, any creature that is low on health when caught in a Freeze Trap shatters and, thus, perishes."
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

This trap is best used in combination with Sentry and Lightning traps. It freezes creatures on the tile in place, allowing you more time to hit them with your creatures and allows your other traps to get more shots in. The Freeze Trap is not triggered by flying creatures.

Dungeon Keeper OnlineEdit

The Dungeon Keeper Online version of the Freeze Trap decelerates its targets.[1]

Dungeon KeeperEdit

This trap was cut.[2] Whether it was pressure-triggered (like in Dungeon Keeper 2), or it fired the Freeze icon small Freeze spell at creatures within its line of sight is unknown.


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