DK2 gems

A gem seam as seen in DK2

Gem Seams are a type of impassable terrain that can be mined for gold in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2. It mines more slowly than a Gold Seam (25 gold/per dig in Dungeon Keeper 2), but never runs out of gold and never changes to another type of terrain. Room walls cannot be placed on Gem Seams.

A Gem Seam is neutral. It can be neither claimed nor fortified. So be careful if you mine a gem seam close to an enemy Dungeon.

Dk1iconDungeon Keeper
ClaimedClaimed Path / DirtDirt Path / GemsiconGem Seam / GoldseamGold Seam / LavaLava / Make safeReinforced Wall / EarthEarth / ImpentImpenetrable Rock / WaterWater
Dk2iconDungeon Keeper 2
Claimed2Claimed Path / Dirt2Dirt Path / Gems2Gem Seam / Gold2Gold Seam / Lava2Lava / Mana2Mana Vault / Reinf2Reinforced Wall / Rock2Rock / Solid2Solid Rock / Water2Water
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