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Gem veins were a type of terrain that could be mined for gems in Dungeon Keeper Mobile. They were notorious for being mined extremely slowly, and the number of gems yielded was measly given the time required. They were intended to keep your Imps busy while the game was off.


Gem Veins being dug Dungeon Keeper Mobile

Unlike gem seams in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, gem veins were not infinite, could be destroyed, and yielded gems rather than gold.

There were two types of gem vein: medium and hard. Medium gem veins took four hours[Note 1] to dig, and yielded three gems. Hard gem veins took sextuple the length of time (24 hours, an entire day!) to dig, but yielded only triple the number of gems: nine. Therefore, mining hard gem veins was only half as worthwhile as mining medium gem veins.

If you were not willing to wait that long, the alternative was stumping up a hefty number of gems to rush-dig the tile: many times more than what you would have got for waiting it out. However, the further you were into digging the tile, the lower the price tag was.



  1. Without slapping.