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The Ghost is a creature in Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Dungeon Keeper Ghost portrait

Ghost portrait

Dungeon Keeper Ghost movement animation

Ingame animation of a Ghost

"A supernatural creature that, thankfully, requires no food. Ghosts can pass through doors and see creatures that are using the Conceal Creature spell. Their primary job is researching in the Library although they will also go to the Temple and wail occasionally."
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

The Ghost is an unresigned spirit that emerges from a torture victim. When the victim dies, the Ghost will pop up at the same level of the victim. Ghosts have some magic abilities; however, they are very weak creatures with low health that are easily defeated. Their natural ability to fly can make them useful as scouts when passing over lava, but they can't pass through locked doors, even though the manual states that they can. Ghosts do not take damage when being slapped, but it still lowers their happiness. If a Ghost is killed, it does not leave a corpse.

Ghosts enjoy moaning in the Temple. If you have many Ghosts, this can become problematic, as they will fill the Temple and make it inaccessible for other creatures.


Combat Statistics
Query Speed icon Dungeon Keeper Speed: 64
Heal Icon Small Base Health: 200
Strength Base Strength: 20
Defence Defence: 20
Skill Base Skill: 60
Dexterity Base Dexterity: 90
Luck Luck: 10
Tasks & Management
Ghost-icon Primary Job Worship
Ghost-icon Secondary Job Research
Library Icon Small Base Research Skill 2
Workshop Icon Small Base Manufacturing Skill 1
Training Room Icon Small Training Skill 1
Wage Training Cost /64t 20
ScavengerRoom Icon Small Base Scavenging Skill 3
Wage Scavenging Cost /64t 10
Temple Icon Small Praying Anger -60
Lair Icon Small Sleeping Anger -1
Heal Icon Small Sleep Recovery 4
Hatchery Icon Small Hunger never
Wage Base Wage 20


  • They start with the Rebound spell, so they can rebound spells at any level. Use this against Wizards, Warlocks, Priestesses, Archers, and other spell casters.
  • Ghosts have poor training skill. Should you have a specific desire to field Ghosts, consider training a skilled creature and torturing it to death, rather than training the Ghost.
  • Ghosts have good research skill and do not annoy Warlocks and Wizards while in the Library. Since they prefer to worship, this task has to be assigned if there's a Temple present in the dungeon.
  • Like the other undead creatures, the Skeleton and Vampire, Ghosts are immune to the effect of gas.
  • Like the Vampire, they are able to see invisible creatures.
  • While the manual claims they can pass through doors, and are flagged in the creature data file, this mechanic was apparently cut for 'gameplay reasons'.[1] However, there is evidence that this may have been at least partially implemented; creature.txt has a 'Can Go Through Locked Doors' property, which can be assigned to creatures (and it is indeed assigned to the Ghost). This mechanic is fully implemented in Dungeon Keeper FX.


Dungeon Keeper Ghost icons

The high-res and low-res version of the Ghost icon. Notice they look different.

  • The high-res and low-res icons for the Ghost look entirely different.
  • There are conditions for inviting Ghosts into your dungeon via a Portal, but Ghosts are never part of the Creature Pool in Dungeon Keeper.
  • If a Ghost is tortured to death, a new Ghost is created.
  • When Ghosts gain Invisibility at level 3, it is assigned to the '2' key and Rebound (a level 1 spell) gets reassigned to the '3' key.
  • 'Revenant', as found on the Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc, is likely an early name for the Ghost.
  • Dungeon Keeper Possess Creature Ghost

    The Ghost's smoke-filled vision

    When possessed, the view is impaired by smoke.
  • Despite being spirits, Ghosts require food.


Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]

Ghost progression Dungeon Keeper Mobile



The Ghost was the earliest available flying unit, and were unlocked through building an Unholy Temple. They dealt extra damage to enemy minions, were very weak against lightning, and were able to fly over walls. Ghosts were untargetable by most enemy ground units, and were able to take out an entire Guild Lair without difficulty. Notable exceptions to this were Warlocks and Vampires, who can target Ghosts.


Ghosts were good at bypassing a dungeon's defensive mazes and reinforced walls allowing raiders to enter the dungeon behind the defensive structures. This was best used with disable trap spells to remove Anti-Air and bug zappers, which could be deadly to the Ghost. The damage boost against minions and Immortals could be used to great effect if deployed properly against a target unit, as most units could not harm flying creatures.

Ghost AI could be unpredictable at times where the Ghost would target a trap or door beyond the target room, and would often ignore the damage coming from the room's defending minion in favour of continuing to attack the room. In particular, the Ghost AI behaves very stangely upon encountering an anti-air trap, frequently making a U-turn to a completely different area of the dungeon, especially when sending multiple Ghosts at once. One good strategy to overcome this was to send one Ghost at a time to poke a hole in a Keeper's defence.

Defending Ghosts did not spawn during PvP raids; however, they could be spawned manually by the player during PvE defence raids.


Seeks Closest Room or Trap
Passive Fly
Strength 2x damage to Minions
(increases with level)
Weakness 2x damage from Lightning Sources
Creature Targets Flying and Ground
Attack Speed 1s
Move Speed 250
Housing Space 8
Summoning Time 20m

Training Upgrades[]

Level Damage Health Extra Damage to Minions Training Time Training Cost Unholy Temple Required Summoning Cost (Gold)
1 56 520 2x - - Level 1 1,000
2 76 695 3x 8h 350k Level 3 1,600
3 94 865 3x 1d 600k Level 5 2,500
4 114 1,045 4x 2d 1.3M Level 7 4,000
5 132 1,220 4x 3d 2.2M Level 9 8,500
6 150 1,390 5x 4d 5.5M Level 10 10k
7 170 1,550 5x 6d 13M Level 11 15k
8 188 1,725 6x 8d 17M Level 14 20k
9 208 1,905 6x 10d 22M ? ?
10 226 2,080 7x ? ? ? 30k
11 246 2,265 7x ? 36M ? 35k
12 264 2,440 7x ? 42M ? ?
13 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
14 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
15 305 2,790 9x ? ? ? ?
16 329 2,985 ? ? ? ? ?
17 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
18 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
19 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
20 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
21 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
22 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


  • Max level is 22?
  • Training times adjusted for May, 2018 update


  1. Dungeon Keeper Gold Reference Card. p. 5.