Gold is the primary resource used in the Dungeon Keeper games. It is mined from gold seams and gem seams, and used for a variety of purposes:

  • Purchasing rooms
  • Paying your creatures' wages
  • Training creatures
  • Giving creatures a golden shower removes all unhappiness

Dungeon KeeperEdit


A large pile of treasure as seen in Dungeon Keeper

Gold has even more uses in Dungeon Keeper:

  • Casting spells
  • Scavenging enemy creatures
  • Before the major revamp of the game in mid-1996, Gold was used to order corporal creatures.

If you have a large enough Workshop Icon Small Workshop, you can use it to generate gold by placing the most expensive traps and doors (which cost nothing) and then selling them.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

DK2 gold

A pile of 3000 gold as seen in DK2

In Dungeon Keeper 2, gold has the following additional uses:

  • Placing the blueprints for traps and doors
  • Making creatures happy in a "generous" Casino

A Casino set to "rigged" can be used to recoup some of your creatures' wages, at the risk of making said creatures unhappy.  When funds are scarce, you can also convert some of your mana into gold by using the Create Gold spell.

Your Dungeon Heart can store up to 16000 gold, and each square of Treasury can store an additional 3000 gold.  Gold can be picked up 100 at a time by clicking the golden money symbol next to your gold total at the top of the GUI.

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