DK2 goldseam

A gold seam in DK2

A Gold Seam is a block of impassable terrain that can be mined away, turning it into dirt path and yielding some gold in the process. One gold seam generally contains more gold than an Imp can carry in one trip. Unlike a Gem Seam, it crumbles away after a certain amount of gold has been extracted from it, but it yields its gold more quickly.

Dungeon KeeperEdit

Each block of Gold Seam contains 1024 gold. Gold seams are considerably more important in the original game than in the sequel, because gold is the only resource, used for casting spells as well as for building rooms and paying/training/scavenging creatures. Gold Seams appear as dark yellow on the Dynamic Map.

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

One typical block of Gold Seam yields a total of 3000 gold, which is the same amount that can be stored in one square of Treasury. However, this amount can be scaled in multiplayer games and Skirmishes.


  • In Dungeon Keeper, if a Warlock builds his Lair next to a block of Gold Seam, he will gain experience (albeit slowly) while sleeping next to it. This can be useful for saving money on training.
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