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The Guard Post is a room in Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Guard posts are useful lookout points that creatures may be ordered to garrison. One should place them in areas that need to be defended to alert them if enemies attack. Such places might be proximal to enemy dungeons, Hero Gates, exposed areas such as large patches of earth floor, water or lava, open areas of gold or gems to protect the player's Imps, or important parts of one's dungeon.

Creatures placed on Guard Posts patrol the area of the posts and keep an eye out for enemies, only stopping for food, payday or battle. Orcs and converted Archers naturally enjoy guard duty and flock to these posts whenever their other jobs are unavailable, and Guard Posts can also be used to keep problem creatures such as Horned Reapers, Vampires and Hellhounds busy. It's a good idea to place a Hatchery close by so hungry watchmen won't leave their posts for too long. Skeletons and Ghosts arguably make the best guards, as they do not require nourishment.

Guard Posts can also be (ab)used to wall off exposed areas of water or lava - the height difference between the terrain stops creatures from being able to get past, allowing a Keeper to effectively wall themselves off or trap creatures.

A Guard Post also functions as a reinforced wall or door for the purposes of determining an adjacent room's efficiency. They can be particularly useful for making a Library efficient before any doors are available, improving research speed there, and maximizing training speed at any time (since trainees seem to bash down doors eventually). However, in later versions of KeeperFX this is no longer the case. Moreover, watchmen assigned to advanced positions might wind up holding these dinky posts instead if they are closer to the Hatchery and Treasure Room.


Dungeon Keeper Mobile[]

Guard Post

Guard Post


The Guard Post is where your immortals reside Keeper. They have their own delicious spit roast as food so don’t require hatcheries or count towards your minion count, immortals prepare and capture their own food it seems.

Immortals can be purchased, changed and viewed from here. Only one active immortal will stand by and guard and be available during a raid. Captured immortals will also hang out here until they are used or recaptured. However, they won’t defend your dungeon, Keeper don’t get too greedy now...

Keep in mind that the immortal you have active, can be captured if you are raided. You can rescue them most of the time by using revenge. However, if someone revenges you and captures your immortal, you cannot revenge them, since it was their revenge keeper! The only way to get your immortal is to wait or use gems to bring them back via the Guard Post.



Size 3x3


Level Health Upgrade
Dungeon Heart Required Immortals Unlocked Max Immortals Training
1 1,100 27,500Gold 6h Level 3 Horny,
Level 5
2 2,600 150kGold 12h Level 5 - Level 10
3 3,850 300kGold 1d Level 7 Deegg & Dugger,
Level 15
4 7,350 1MGold 2d Level 8 Mortimer Level 20
5 8,800 3MGold 4d Level 9 Level 25
6 10,400 5MGold 6d Level 10 Level 30
7 13,500 6MGold 8d Level 10 Glarggl,
Magmaw (also requires DCR 200),
Sir Cophagus (also requires DCR 250)
Level 35
8 21,500 1000Dreadstone 16d Level 20 Level 36-37
9 32,500 1500Dreadstone 18d Level 25 Level 38-39
10 47,500 2500Dreadstone 21d Level 30 Level 40