Guard Room
Dungeon Room
Appears in Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Guard Room Icon Medium
Attracts Dark Elves
Health per Tile 10000
"The Guard Room is an ideal resource for defending the outer reaches of your dungeon. Creatures placed in the Guard Room are duty-bound to remain there, and seldom leave their posts (unless, of course, they are hungry or in need of paying). As well as managing the Guard Room, they also make patrols around the dungeon to check on any Guard Posts in the vicinity."

-- Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

The Guard Room is a room unique to Dungeon Keeper 2. It attracts Dark Elves, who spend most of their time there. Creatures using it will patrol the room, making it useful for defending weak spots in your dungeon. This is similar to the Guard Post from Dungeon Keeper (not to be confused with the Guard Post trap). Guard Rooms have a "detection radius" that makes it easy to locate enemy incursions. You can see it clearly on the "radar".

All creatures dropped in a Guard Room start guarding unless the guardroom is "full" (one creature per tile).

Guard rooms will cause unhappiness between converted heroes and your portal creatures if the creatures that hate each other are guarding in the same room.

Guard Creatures Edit

Evil Creatures Edit

Good Creatures Edit

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