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The Guild Lair was a room in Dungeon Keeper.


Guild Lair concepts Dungeon Keeper Mobile

concept art

A Guild Lair was required for a Keeper to join a Guild, and thus enjoy Guild perks. A Guild Lair was a room without any defences of its own; however, it was inhabited by minions withdrawn from a guild. As the Guild Lair gained levels, the population threshold of minions that could be withdrawn at a single time increased, allowing for more and more powerful units to be withdrawn at a single time.

A Guild Lair's minions needed to be restocked whenever minions inside died during a defence, or a guild banner was used in an attack. As such, a Guild Lair which was not maintained was as much of a defensive liability as a Warehouse or Treasury.


  • Unlocked access to Guilds, Chat and Powerful Perks.
  • Unlocked access to Minion lending
  • Levelling up your Guild Lair increased the health of your Guild Banner in Raid mode
  • The red flags in the corners of the room had the logo of Bullfrog Productions, the creators of Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.
  • While defending, minions would be released once enemies were within a certain range, otherwise they would stay hidden.
  • A max of five minions at a time could be released from a defending Guild Lair, once a minion died if there was another ready, it would spawn instantly afterwards, provided there were enemies in range.
  • Guild Lairs at higher levels had very high health.
  • Ghosts would travel the furthest out of all minions released from Guild Lairs.
  • All minions except the Dragon Whelp could be donated and withdrawn.
  • Ghosts and Vampires released from enemy Guild Lairs could wreak havoc on your armies.
  • While upgrading a Guild Lair, it would not release minions if you were raided or defending a survival raid or campaign. However, you could still donate, withdraw, and deploy Guild Minions during a raid.


Defence Guild Defenders
Attack Range 3 Tiles
Size 4x4


Level Health Population
Build Cost
Dungeon Heart Required
1 2,600 5 0s 100kStone Level 5
2 3,850 7 1d 300kStone Level 5
3 5,300 10 2d 1MStone Level 6
4 7,350 15 3d 2MStone Level 6
5 10,350 20 5d 3MStone Level 6
6 21,450 21 10d 500Dreadstone Level 6
7 32,545 22 13d 750Dreadstone Level 6
8 43,390 23 16d 1000Dreadstone Level 6
9 54,125 24 24d 1250Dreadstone Level 6
10 63,560 25 30d 1500Dreadstone Level 6


  • Levels 6 to 10 were added with Content Update #8.2 (May, 2019)
  • It is most likely that a level 6 Dungeon Heart is all that is required to max level a Guild Lair