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The Guild Minion (not the official name, none has been provided) was the minion that was dropped during raids providing you had minions withdrawn at your Guild Lair in Dungeon Keeper. It had the same appearance as the Skeleton except it was carrying a red flag.


  • Could be selected and controlled just like Immortals.
  • Did not have its own attack.
  • Did not get distracted by enemy minions or Immortals.
  • Had 1000 health points (same as a max level Skeleton).
  • Despite appearing like the Skeleton, it still took poison damage.
  • They were faster than a Skeleton.
  • When they reached their target or door, they would release minions.
  • Released minions would attempt to destroy the target they reached, including doors, unless distracted by enemy minions.
  • Weak vs Chicken Bomb traps.
  • When slowed by frost type attacks, it would slow the rate that it deployed minions at.
  • Could only have five minions released at any given time. When one minion died, another would be released once the Guild Minion was at a target.
  • Guild Minions could be controlled while deploying minions, so you could control how many were released and where they were released.
  • If Vampires were withdrawn, they could be effective at taking out Dungeon Hearts.
  • If Trolls were withdrawn, they could be effective at taking down Doors to resource rooms to give access to Bile Demons.
  • If it was destroyed before deploying any minions, no minions were lost, and you could not deploy another Guild Minion again during that raid.


Seeks Closest Room
Passive Immune to Spring Traps
Strength Can be controlled just like an immortal
Creature Targets Ground
Attack Speed Releases minions once every 0.5s
Attack Range Melee range
Move Speed 300
Housing Space 0
Summoning Time 0