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"Hand" redirects here. For the Dungeon Keeper Online creature spell, see Hand (Creature Spell).
Hand of evil 4x

The Hand of Evil as it appears when hovering over something you can interact with.

The Hand of Evil is the player-controlled mouse cursor, and is how players interact with the world.

Holding things[]

You can pick up your creatures no matter where they are (unless they are in the custody of an enemy Keeper; that is, functionally in one of their Prisons, Torture Chambers, or Combat Pits), and any gold within your territory. Creatures in your hand are safe from attack. You can drop off your creatures within your territory, and gold within your Treasure Room/Treasury (or give it to an unhappy creature). You can also pick up Chickens to feed creatures and save them a trip to the Hatchery, but don't let them take advantage. In Dungeon Keeper, Horned Reapers and Vampires do not like being held, and will gradually become more irritated whilst in the Hand of Evil. In Dungeon Keeper 2, all creatures except Skeletons gain 0.5 annoyance per second when being held.[1]

Picking up creatures and dropping them in a room such as a Training Room, will assign the creature to work in that room. Dropping Imps near work such as mining or claiming will set them that task. Dropping creatures near intruders will make them battle. As you cannot drop creatures in enemy territory, you will have to steal their territory, possess creatures or cast Call to Arms.

In Dungeon Keeper, you cannot hold more than 8 creatures (or objects such as gold or Chickens) at a time. In Dungeon Keeper 2, the limit is 64. In Dungeon Keeper, although it manifests itself as an ability of the hand, underneath the hood it is a Keeper spell; if you disable POWER_HAND for a player in a level script, they will be unable to pick things up.

You can hold PageUp in Dungeon Keeper 2 to pick up only objects.


Your Hand of Evil can also slap creatures, to make them work faster. This was Mark Healey's idea.[3] Imps are used to harsh treatment, but slapping regular creatures too often will make them unhappy. Slapping also reduces health.

Dungeon Keeper[]

A slapped creature has twice its speed and receives a boost to its Training Skill, Research Skill, Manufacture Skill, and Scavenging Skill.

Different creatures gain different quantities of annoyance:

Slap Comparison Table
Creature Annoyance Gained
Archer-icon Archer 200
Avatar-icon Avatar 2250
Barbarian-icon Barbarian 250
Beetle-icon Beetle 100
Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 400
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn 200
Dragon-icon Dragon 600
Fairy-icon Fairy 500
Fly-icon Fly 0
Giant-icon Giant 200
Ghost-icon Ghost 500
Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper 3750
Hound-icon Hound 250
Imp-icon Imp 0
Knight-icon Knight 350
Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress -400
Monk-icon Monk 250
Mountain-dwarf-icon Mountain Dwarf 200
Orc-icon Orc 200
Samurai-icon Samurai 750
Skeleton-icon Skeleton 100
Spider-icon Spider 200
Tentacle-icon Tentacle 200
Thief-icon Thief 200
Troll-icon Troll 200
Tunneler-icon Tunneller 100
Vampire-icon Vampire 1000
Warlock-icon Warlock 750
Priestess-icon Witch 350
Wizard-icon Wizard 300

The formula for the quantity of damage dealt is the creature's maximum health (computed using its current health) divided by its Slaps to Kill value. Slapping a frozen creature will shatter, and therefore kill, it instantly.

Although it manifests itself as an ability of the hand, underneath the hood it is a Keeper spell; if you disable POWER_SLAP for a player in a level script, they will be unable to slap creatures.

In the original game, the slap effect does not wear off whilst the creature is being held, but it does in KeeperFX.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Slapping creatures harms the target, but makes him or her faster and more obedient.[4] Different creatures gain different quantities of annoyance and lose different quantities of health:

Slap Comparison Table
Creature Health Lost Annoyance Gained
Bile Demon pickup Bile Demon 18 9.1
Black Knight-icon Black Knight 18 9.1
Dark Angel-icon Dark Angel 16 18
Darkelf Dark Elf 10 9.1
Firefly Firefly 10 9.1
Goblin icon Goblin 12 9.1
Imp pickup Imp 10 -
Mistress pickup Mistress 13 -15
Rogue Rogue 13 9.1
Salamander icon Salamander 12 9.1
Skeleton pickup Skeleton 12 0
Troll pickup Troll 10 6.1
Vampire pickup Vampire 13 21
Warlock Warlock 10 21
Horny Icon Horny 24 24
Dwarf Icon Dwarf 10 -
Elven Archer Icon Elven Archer 10 9.1
Fairypickup Fairy 12 9.1
Giant icon Giant 18 9.1
Guard Icon Guard 16 9.1
Knight-icon Knight 18 9.1
Monkpickup Monk 12 9.1
Royal Guard tiny Royal Guard 18 9.1
Stone Knight 1 Stone Knight 18
Thief icon Thief 12 9.1
Wizard icon Wizard 12 21
Lord of the Land icon Lord of the Land 27
Prince icon Prince 12 9.1
King 2 King Reginald 24


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