Hand to Hand
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First person hand-to-hand
Appears in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Handtohand icon medium
[Various for DK2, unique to each creature.]
Learnt by All creatures except Dragons (lvl 1)(DK1)

All creatures (lvl 1)(DK2)

Damage Varies with creature
Area of effect Close range

Hand to Hand is a Creature Spell in Dungeon Keeper.

General InformationEdit

The simplest attack, Hand-to-Hand allows the creature to whack the enemy with whatever claws, sword or other means it has available. All creatures can use hand-to-hand (apart from the Dragon, who uses Flame Breath instead).

Melee strength varies greatly between creatures. Some creatures, such as Bile Demons, have strong hand-to-hand skill and use it as their primary form of attack. Other creatures, such as warlocks, are hopelessly weak and rely on their spell-casting abilities to hurt the enemy instead.  Hand to Hand is also faster on some creatures than others.

Hand-to-hand is not 100% accurate. Each creature has a chance to hit the enemy, and a chance to dodge incoming hits. Hand-to-hand strength, accuracy and dodge ability increase with experience.

In Dungeon Keeper, while there are multiple different types of hand to hand attack, they are grouped into two sections: fist and sword, the main difference being the sound made on contact with things like doors and Dungeon Hearts. In most cases, weaker or less physically skilled creatures, or those without actual weapons have the fist type, while more able creatures, or at least those with weapons have the sword type:

Fist Sword

Demon Spawn

Bile Demon
Dark Mistress
Mountain Dwarf
Horned Reaper

In Dungeon Keeper 2, all creatures have Hand to Hand by default, but the icon is not present as a usable spell, and works differently. The icon for hand to Hand is unique for nearly every creature and represents their means of attacking, for example, a Warlock's image is of his staff.

In both games, the "swipe" graphics will be different for different creatures, for example claws, a sword slash, fists etc. for creatures who use those methods of attack.

Trivia Edit

It is possible to edit the cfg data of the dragon to give him this ability. He would then have the 3rd highest attack rate and would use the fist symbol and sound.

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