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Happiness refers to the well-being of a creature's mental and emotional states that pertain to their stay in the player's dungeon. The greater the happiness of the player's creatures, the more useful and obedient they will be.

Dungeon Keeper[]

The level of a creature's happiness is represented by an Anger Bar in Query and Possess Creature modes. Angry creatures are also highlighted in the Control Panel's Creature Panel. When a creature gets angry, (s)he may vandalise your dungeon, attack one's own creatures, or even leave the dungeon. Creatures can get angry from not being paid, having no Lair, starving, being held (Horned Reapers and Vampires), being idle (Horned Reapers are notorious for this), or standing on the corpse of an allied creature (standing on the corpse of an enemy has the opposite effect). It should go without saying that being tortured does not do a creature's (except the Mistress) happiness any good whatsoever.

Praying in the Temple gladdens most creatures, except Vampires, on whom it has the opposite effect; however, they will not refuse to do the normally gladsome practice, and may even do it of their own accord. Dropping gold (of any quantity) onto a creature is also a sovereign remedy for unhappiness: it remedies all unhappiness from any cause. In recent versions of KeeperFX, however, this only cures unhappiness from not being paid.

If enough happiness is regained whilst performing an Anger Job, the creature may stop and return to normal. However, no quantity of happiness can cure a Horned Reaper's psychopathy; one could be gay as a lark according to the Anger Bar, but they'd still be in a murdering rage, as if they were still at maximum anger. In other words, once a Horned Reaper has gone psycho, their happiness becomes virtually meaningless.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

Happiness icon Dungeon Keeper 2

Creatures can get unhappy (sulky) or angry (at which point unless quickly appeased, they head for the exit, or rebel by becoming a hero if they can't do that) for having no Lair, no food, no wages, or for being in the company of their natural enemy (usually their goodly or evil counterpart). The Mentor tells you why a creature has got angry. Solving the creature's problems usually makes him/her happy again. Your creatures can be made happy by using the Make Happy Dungeon Special, and enemy creatures unhappy by using Make Unhappy.