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Dungeon Keeper 2 Harmonia Start

Map of Harmonia at the beginning of the campaign, including the secret realms

Harmonia is the kingdom in Dungeon Keeper 2.

It is ruled by King Reginald the Just, according to whom its inns 'flow with the finest wine, beer, and victuals', and its markets are 'overwhelmed with the bounty of its fields and the work of its skilled craftsmen'. The kingdom had been under siege from various Keepers, leading to the creation of Portal Gems by 'wise and benevolent' Wizards of the Royal College of Wizards. These keep evil creatures confined to the underworld, and enabled King Reginald's forces to drive many of the Keepers out, leading Horny to seek an alliance with the player in order to conquer the kingdom and seize the gems.[1]

The kingdom is separated into twenty discrete fiefdoms:

  • Smilesville - A 'happy and carefree' realm guarded by Lord Antonius (Warcry).
  • Sing-Song - A 'joyous land filled with light and music'. Guarded by Lord Darius (Enchantments). According to the Mentor, their motto is "You hum it, and I'll join in."
  • Ramshackle - A 'peaceful land'. Guarded by Lord Avaricious, who has spent his riches, leaving the land poor (Greed).
  • Shadygrove - Guarded by Lord Ludwig (Snipers).
  • Elm Shadow - Guarded by Lord Constantine (Fear).
  • Sweetwater - Guarded by Lord Ironhelm (Besieged, Rout).
  • Emberglow - Guarded by Lord Sigmund (Caverns).
  • Snapdragon - Guarded by Lord Titus (Aftermath).
  • Silverstream - Guarded by Lord Voss (Ambush).
  • Woodsong - Guarded by Lord Ronin (Smashing).
  • Sparklydell - Guarded by Lord Brutus (Carnage).
  • Goldenglade - Guarded by Lord Bramble (Scavenge).
  • Cherish - Guarded by Monks (Conversion).
  • Peachtree - Guarded by Lord Tiberius (Reap).
  • Fluttershine - Guarded by Lord Volstag (Crusade, Storm).
  • Stonekeep - Guarded by Lord Pureheart (Creep).
  • Moonshine - Angelic.
  • Cherry Blossom - Brotherhood.
  • Butterscotch - Guarded by the Princes (Interception).
  • Heartland - Guarded by King Reginald himself, though his Stone Knights guard the Portal Gem.

These names and the name of the kingdom itself give the impression that the entire realm, like the unnamed kingdom of the first game, is gay and buoyant. This is backed up by Reginald's statement that Harmonia's lands are 'joyous and prosperous'; however, Horny dismisses his entire description of Harmonia as 'human propaganda'.[2]

Harmonia conquered Dungeon Keeper 2

A fully-conquered Harmonia, much more orange than it was originally

As you conquer each of these realms, they turn orange.



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