Dungeon Room
Appears in Dungeon Keeper
Dungeon Keeper 2
Icon Hatchery Icon MediumHatchery2 Icon Medium
Attracts Spider - 9 tiles (with Lair)

Bile Demon - 25 tiles (with Lair) (DK1)
Bile Demon - 3x3 tiles (with Lair) (DK2)

Health per Tile 350 (DK1)
10000 (DK2)
Turns to Research 100 (DK1)
Zoom-to Key Shift + H (DK1)

The Hatchery (also known as the Garden in DK1's code) is a room type and the dungeon's main source of food in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.


Hatchery Icon Small Hatcheries generate chickens which all creatures - apart from Imps - eat to sustain themselves. Chickens are mindless creatures that wander around, pecking at the floor for food, and explode in a puff of feathers if slapped.

When creatures are hungry, they enter the hatchery and eat a chicken or two to fill themselves up and regain lost health. In fact, if you drop any creature in a hatchery, it will eat a chicken whether it is hungry or not. Creatures eat a lot, so make sure that your Hatchery is large enough to sustain your entire menagerie.


Chicken Icon Small For every 3x3 section of hatchery you build, an egg-producing chicken coop will be created. The eggs will in turn hatch into edible chickens.

Though your creatures will go to the hatchery and eat autonomously, chickens can be picked up and dropped on your creatures to directly feed them.

You may possess chickens, but you have no direct control over their movement. Chickens can also be picked up and placed anywhere in your dungeon, although be warned that they will eventually die if they are not returned to a hatchery.

Place a chicken in a Prison and any creatures currently imprisoned will fight for the possession of the tasty morsel. To the victor the spoils...

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