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Hero Gates serve as entry points for heroes.

Dungeon Keeper[]

"These Gates appear as wavy, transparent teleports and act as entrances for heroes. They are a weak spot in your Dungeon so guard them carefully."
— Dungeon keeper Gold Manual

In Dungeon Keeper, the Hero Gate isn't a room as such: it is a magical portal through which heroes can enter your dungeon. Once certain criteria are fulfilled, heroes are flung out of the Hero Gate (not dissimilar to how Imps are spawned with the Create Imp spell.) and sometimes form a party to storm your dungeon. There is no way to disable or destroy these gates, so make sure to defend these weak points with traps and doors as well as Guard Posts.

Dungeon Keeper Hero Gate

A Hero Gate in Dungeon Keeper

Hero Gates are treated as negatively-numbered Action Points in level scripts.

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

"The Hero Gate is the entrance through which the hordes of the Good can enter your domain. You would do well to guard it wisely, if you find one."
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

Heroes enter the underworld through this gate in the campaign and in pet dungeons. It can be destroyed when all the 12 surrounding tiles are claimed by a player. After it is disabled, it will no longer spawn hero parties for the rest of the game.

In contrast with the Portal and Mercenary Portal, it doesn't summon heroes; instead, hero parties will spawn from it regardless of the dungeon layout. The number and level of heroes is defined by each level's script. Some hero gates may throw higher level heroes at the player.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Hero Gate destroyed

A destroyed Hero Gate

It is important to remember to not overspend on traps and defenses for hero gates you cannot disable; the hero spawn is often limited, and the gate will often stop spawning after a few parties of heroes appeared and thus makes itself out to be a threat. This is, however, different in each level and for each hero gate. Some begin to spawn heroes after specific conditions are met (for instance, a trigger is fired by a player attack).

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

Hero Gate Dungeon Keeper Online

In Dungeon Keeper Online, Hero Gates appeared as blue vortices. The player could enter a 'war' mode; in this mode, portals appear at random locations throughout the dungeon. These created straight paths between it and the Dungeon Heart; all walls along it were destroyed, meaning it was up to your creatures to defend the opening. Enemies would emerge from the portals and go for your Dungeon Heart.[1][2]


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