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"Behold, you have summoned a Horned Reaper. Try not to make it angry. You'll fail, because everything makes a Horned Reaper angry but at least try to make sure that everything near it is an enemy creature when it finally goes ballistic."
— Mission tip, Moonbrush Wood
"The biggest and the most destructive of all the creatures that cannot be attracted to your Dungeon via the normal methods. He does not group, either with other Horned Reapers or with any other creature. These are known for being sadistic, psychotic fighters. The Horned Reaper is usually referred to by Dungeon-dwellers as Horny, although never to its face."
Dungeon Keeper Manual

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The Horned Reaper is essentially a miniboss creature the Keeper can obtain by sacrificing three useful minions: a Troll-icon Troll, a Dark-mistress-icon Mistress, and a Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon in the Temple Icon Small Temple.

Fast, deadly, and durable, the Horned Reaper is a melee combat specialist. The creature uses its scythe to deliver enormous physical damage with high accuracy; it can cover dungeon terrain quickly (including Lava), and in the thick of battle it is able to sustain heavy punishment with its excellent health and armor scores.

The catch, however, is that the Horned Reaper requires a strong financial situation and lots of attention.

Anger Management Edit

Horned Reapers are very easily angered - they do not tolerate being slapped, picked up, going unpaid or unfed, or even being left idle. To stay happy, the creature needs a job; valid jobs for them include research, training, praying, scavenging, and Guard Post Icon Small Guard Post duty. They cannot manufacture or man a Barracks Icon Small Barracks, and their research rate is poor. The Guard Post Icon Small Guard Post and Temple Icon Small Temple are recommended idling jobs, being free and indefinite. Like all other creatures their anger level is also frozen while they are in a Prison Icon Small Prison or answering a CallToArms Icon Small Call to Arms, though of course, they will eventually starve to death in these tasks.

Sprinkle money on the Horned Reaper to erase all of its anger instantly. If its anger level is maxed-out for more than a couple seconds, it begins a distinct AI job, ANGER_JOB_MAD_PSYCHO, which is exactly what it sounds like: a psychotic rage where the creature will attack all allies and enemies in its path. This job is permanent. It is impossible to placate it at this point even when its happiness level is high again.

When available, the Mustobey Icon Small Must Obey spell prevents the creature from entering this state when angry, though it must be turned off after combat to allow injured creatures a chance to recover health in their Lair.


Statistically the Horned Reaper is the second strongest creature in the game - only surpassed by the boss hero Avatar-icon Avatar, with the same attack power, greater speed, less health, armor, and fewer Creature Spells. Taking down a Horned Reaper requires a small army of opposition and/or the use of esoteric creature spells like Freeze icon small Freeze.

When time or resources are of the essence, the optimal level for a Horned Reaper is 5, when he learns SpeedMonster Icon Small Speed, and thereby gains a large boost to his movement speed and attack rate without a huge pay raise and fuss. The best way to direct one or more Horned Reapers to battle is with CallToArms Icon Small Call to Arms. A creature's Anger level does not change even when slapped while it is performing the Call to Arms task.

Sacrifice RecipesEdit

Things to sacrifice in the temple
Creature Creature Creature Result
1 Dark-mistress-icon Mistress 1 Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 1 Troll-icon Troll Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper
1 Dragon-icon Dragon 1 Hound-icon Hound 1 Orc-icon Orc Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper FX
Things not to sacrifice in the temple
Creature Creature Creature Result
1 Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper -- -- All your monsters become angry[Note 2]
1 Spider-icon Spider 1 Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon 1 Dark-mistress-icon Mistress Creates a good Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper FX


Sacrifice Table
Bile-demon-icon + Troll-icon + Dark-mistress-icon
Sum Levels
3 2
6 3
9 4
12 5
15 6
18 7
21 8
24 9
27+ 10

Remember to consider the usefulness of Bile-demon-icon Bile Demons, Troll-icon Trolls, and Dark-mistress-icon Mistresses, as each are experts in routine dungeon labor and their own fighting styles, before making the decision to go for a Horned Reaper. It is possible to command more than one Horned Reaper given the right assets on a map. A small group of them pulls the weight of dozens of lesser minions in a fight, but they are very expensive and slow to train and collect a hefty paycheck. Generally, a gem seam is needed to maintain such a force.

The sacrificial creatures are much faster and cheaper to train than a single Horned Reaper. It is suggested that these creatures should be trained before being dropped into the pool, rather than train the Reaper. In the end, you will have a higher level Reaper ready to wreak havoc. See Training Room Icon Small Training Room for further training cost analysis.

When there are multiple Horned Reapers in the dungeon, it can be useful to torture one during the payday, halving all the others' wages, or even full-time, to get the others to move and fight faster. If gold is dropped immediately onto the torture victim after he is set free, he will not go berserk.

Horned Reapers are good at scavenging. If one goes berserk, then throwing it into a Portal Icon Small Portal, sacrificing it in a Temple Icon Small Temple, or letting it die in combat sends a Horned Reaper instance to the Creature Pool, where it can be scavenged back as a content Level 1.


  • The Horned Reaper makes a cameo appearance in Theme Hospital's intro as a patient.
  • The Horned Reaper is based on an ex-girlfriend of Dungeon Keeper's lead artist Mark Healey.[2]
  • Early concept art of Black & White by Lionhead Studios features Dungeon Keeper's Horned Reaper. He represents a creature.[3][4] This same art is featured as the background of the launcher of Dungeon Keeper FX.
  • There is contradiction as to the Horned Reaper's gender; the manual treats it as male,[5] as does lead artist Healey (who designed the character),[2] but the official strategy guide refers to the Horned Reaper as a female.[6]
  • In an early version of Dungeon Keeper's intro, you can hear the roar the Horned Reaper makes after beheading the Knight-icon Knight.
    Dungeon Keeper prototype intro (15 May 1997)

    Dungeon Keeper prototype intro (15 May 1997)



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Notes Edit

  1. The Temple attracts Horned Reapers, but none of the stock levels are scripted to allow Horned Reapers to enter via the Portal.
  2. Does not work in Dungeon Keeper due to a coding error, but is fixed in Dungeon Keeper FX.
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