Dungeon Keeper Wiki

In the bottom right-hand corner of the Control Panel is the Horny Talisman. Every time you discover a bonus level, a quarter of the Horny Talisman rises from the gem and positions itself on the Control Panel. If you are skilled or fortunate enough to locate all four parts of the Talisman, the final gift from the gem is the provision to cast the Summon Horny spell.

The four pieces of the Horny Talisman can be found in the following levels of the campaign:

  1. Fear
  2. Caverns
  3. Smashing
  4. Conversion

In these levels, a Locate Hidden Land special can be found. But if you do not get the special, you still receive the quarter of the Horny Talisman.

When you have all the four parts of the Talisman, you can cast the Summon Horny spell. The cost is 100,000 mana, and Horny requires 2,000 per turn to sustain himself in your realm. If you cannot pay this 2,000 mana, Horny leaves.