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The Illumination or Light spell is a cut creature spell in Dungeon Keeper. While graphics for it exist, if added into the game by editing files, it does nothing. Hero party leaders and possessed creatures have a glow around them, but this seems to be independent of this spell. This spell has been revived in Dungeon Keeper FX 0.4.9.

The Dungeon Keeper Goodies Disc contains wave files of Mentor dialogue that were cut from the game, one of which mentioning the 'Illumination' spell being available.[1] This is presumably this spell, or an early version of it. The in-game tooltip also refers to this spell by that name.

Dungeon Keeper FX[]

This spell was made functional by Adam Plenty,[2] and is featured in KeeperFX 0.4.9. When cast, the creature becomes nitid; the light emanating from him/her is much more intense than the normal, barely noticeable light seen whilst in possession and that of some hero party members, and has twice the radius (so, obviously, this is not a spell to use if you want to be discreet). There is also an 'Illuminated' property; creatures that have this property are permanently illuminated, and this spell therefore has no effect on them.

Normal Illuminated
Unilluminated Imp first-person Dungeon Keeper Illuminated Imp first-person Dungeon Keeper
Unilluminated Imp Dungeon Keeper Illuminated Imp Dungeon Keeper



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