The Imp is a creature type in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Online.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Imp is a special creature as it doesn’t need to be attracted to your Dungeon and you can only get more through the Create Imp spell.

The Imps are the most valuable of the creatures, as they perform all the tunneling work in your Dungeon and also maintain it by dragging away dead bodies, dragging heroes and enemy creatures to the Prison and fitting traps. Imps can be trained to level ten and get bigger and gain spells. They can only be replaced by the Create Imp spell.

-- Dungeon Keeper Manual

General Information (Dungeon Keeper)[edit | edit source]

In many ways, the Imp is the most important creature a Keeper has in his disposal. Along with hero Tunneler-icon.gif Tunnellers, Imps are the only creatures that can expand and maintain a dungeon, including digging, claiming land, installing traps, moving dead or unconscious bodies, etc.

Imps do not need food, payment or a place in the Lair Icon Small.png Lair, and their happiness rating never gets lower. They aren't even able to eat food to restore health, even enemy Imps in Prison Icon Small.png Prison, but they also don't lose health due to starvation. When there are absolutely no jobs available (or they are stuck somewhere) and they are injured, Imps often smoke to restore health. It is possible to convert enemy Imps in the Torture Room Icon Small.png Torture Chamber but not possible to torture one's own Imps in it.

They do not fight, except the occasional scuffle with enemy Imps, and instead almost always run from battle. However, should the Dungeon Heart be threatened, Imps will defend it to the death. Imps are created with the CreateImp Icon Small.png Create Imp spell. Most levels start the game with at least a few Imps under the player's control. They don't gain experience from performing jobs, but they can gain experience in the Training Room Icon Small.png Training Room. At level 3 they gain SpeedMonster Icon Small.png Speed, making them three times more useful. In this fashion it may be money-saving in some instances to train Imps rather than to spawn more. Their HoldAudience Icon Small.png Teleport ability at level 10 is powerful, but training Imps to level 10 is (under most circumstances) extremely time-consuming.

Provided that the player has nimble hands, possessing an Imp can greatly improve its performance. Possessed Imps claim land much more rapidly (they only need to use Dig icon small.png Dig once on an unclaimed patch to do so), and can also dig much more rapidly; however, there is no way to reinforce walls (this will be possible in KeeperFX 0.4.9), lay traps, or drag creatures while possessing an Imp.

If a Keeper's Dungeon Heart is destroyed, all his Imps die immediately. 

The manual falsely says that Imps learn ConcealMonster Icon Small.png Invisibility and Flight icon small.png Flight at higher levels.[2]

As of KeeperFX 0.4.8, the game, or specific campaigns, can be configured so that Imps gain experience and level up from working, like they do in Dungeon Keeper 2. This is a setting in the rules.cfg file.

General Information (Dungeon Keeper 2)[edit | edit source]

"Imps constitute the dungeon’s main workforce and seem to be a breed apart from the rest of your creatures. Imps are created by magic and rely entirely on Mana for sustenance (they don’t require food or use of a Lair). As you are the gracious provider of this Mana, Imps happily undertake any task that you set for them and never complain or become unhappy. Conversely, if you run out of Mana then your Imps may disappear altogether. Keep an eye on Mana reserves when indulging in costly spell casting.

Due to their fragile nature and inherent physical puniness, Imps generally try to avoid combat at all costs, except with enemy imps. They only step in as a last resort if the Dungeon Heart is threatened."

— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

Attracted By[edit | edit source]

Imps are created with the Create Imp spell.

Imp Experience[edit | edit source]

Imps gain experience from digging into walls, collecting gold and gems, claiming land and reinforcing walls. At Level 8 they will become extremely fast due to the Teleport skill. The easiest way to increase your Imps level is, to let them reinforce your walls. If there is no wall to reinforce, break them down with your tremor spell and your Imps will start over again.

Experienced Imps gain certain spells to aid them in their work. Experienced Imps can cast Haste Self and veteran Imps are blessed with the powerful Teleport spell.

Note: Many enemy Keepers will target Imps knowing that, collectively, they are the engine house of your operation. Placing tougher creatures in nearby guard rooms can safeguard your dungeon against an Imp slaughter.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Keeper[edit | edit source]

  • Before the major revamp in 1996, Imps were magical creatures and appear to have cost 30 Dungeon Keeper Mana icon.png Mana each to summon.
  • Imps can be Disease Icon Small.png Diseaseed directly, and they can spread it to, but not catch it from, other creatures.

Dungeon Keeper 2[edit | edit source]

  • Your dungeon always begins with a minimum of 4 Imps. If you have fewer than this your Dungeon Heart will automatically produce more.
  • The more Imps you have, the less mana you receive each second. Each Imp costs you 7 mana per turn.
  • They thrive on mana. When standing on their own keeper's land, they heal quickly.
  • When a Dungeon Heart is destroyed, Imps will not heal themselves.
  • If your Mana is low, your Imps will disappear.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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