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Dungeon Keeper intro sketches

Early sketch depicting some of what's seen in the intro

The intro for Dungeon Keeper was storyboarded by Mark Healey and created by Darren Thomas.[1] A Knight ventures into a castle inhabited by evil creatures (which is ironic, as the in-game dungeons are set underground) and tries to ransack it, only to end up being beheaded.

Dungeon Keeper intro sketches 2

Early sketch depicting some of what's seen in the intro

The Knight heads towards the castle on horseback. On the way, he passes a pub, where a couple of goodly heroes are drinking. One of them, a Mountain Dwarf, makes a gesture to the Knight, presumably to wish him luck. When the Knight reaches the castle, he tosses his flambeau aside, grabs his sword, and goes through the doors. He is greeted by an Imp running in the opposite direction, screaming to some Trolls he passes them in the Treasure Room. The Knight fights and kills the Trolls. An alarm sounds, which gets the attention of a couple of other Trolls, who are drinking and playing cards. They grab weapons and go to investigate. The Knight is about to take the treasure when he is interrupted by a Bile Demon, who pushes the Trolls out of the way and threatens him. He hits him as a Horned Reaper sneaks up behind him and beheads him with his scythe.

Another Knight and the Avatar are then seen outside some dwellings, and a flock of bats fly past them.

It and all other cinematics in Dungeon Keeper are in Smacker video format.


The intro underwent various changes during its creation:

  • There's a very subtle difference with the Mountain Dwarf: he once still held his sword when greeting the Knight outside the pub.
Early Final
Dungeon Keeper Early Intro Pub Dwarf Dungeon Keeper Intro Pub Dwarf
  • The alarm was once a glowing sphere: (there are also some bits and bobs in the final that aren't in this early version, such as the chain to the left of the door)
Early Final
Dungeon Keeper Early Intro Troll Alarm Dungeon Keeper Intro Troll Alarm
  • The Trolls were once a red/orange colour and the Treasure Room they were attacked by the Knight in was different:
Early Final
Dungeon Keeper Early Intro Knight Trolls Dungeon Keeper Intro Knight Trolls
  • The Bile Demon once emerged from shadows to confront the Knight, and did not have to push a couple of Trolls out of the way:
Early Final
Dungeon Keeper Early Intro Bile Demon Shadows Dungeon Keeper Intro Bile Demon Trolls
  • Like with the Trolls above, the Treasure Room the Horned Reaper beheaded the Knight in was once different:
Early Final
Dungeon Keeper Early Intro Horned Reaper Dungeon Keeper Intro Horned Reaper
  • At the end, there was once a Wizard and what looks like a Thief where in the final is a Knight and Avatar respectively:
Early Final
DK1WizardEarly Dungeon Keeper Intro Knight Bats
  • Some sounds were removed:
  • The Knight once made a sound when confronting the Trolls in the Treasure Room.
  • There were once some sword sounds in the ensuing fight.
  • The Bile Demon's growls when confronting the Knight were once audible.
  • There was once a sound when he hit him, and another when the Horned Reaper beheaded him.
  • The Horned Reaper's howl when he beheaded the Knight was once audible.


Dungeon Keeper 2[]

A Wizard is seen operating the World Portal inside a dungeon. A sleeping Dwarf is awoken by the sound of walls being breached; a horde of Skeletons come storming in, brandishing their swords, closely followed by Horny. The Wizard tries to secure the room containing the portal and its gems, while a Knight comes between Horny and the door to the portal room. A fight ensues, which Horny wins; the Knight's body comes crashing through the doors to the portal room, and Horny lunges at the Wizard, who dodges the blow and flees. Horny charges at him. The Wizard shoots a fireball at Horny, who deflects it back at him with his scythe, killing him. Horny then takes the gem in his hand.


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