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Not to be confused with Cloaking.

Invisibility (DK1[3]) or Invisible (DK2[4]) is a creature spell in Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, and Dungeon Keeper Online that hides the caster from enemy eyes.

General Information (Dungeon Keeper)[]

"Cast on one of your minions, it makes the host creature invisible"
— Dungeon Keeper Manual

Similarly to the Conceal Monster Keeper spell, Invisibility hides the caster from most enemies. This can hide the number of these creatures you have from the enemy as they train or research. It is a very useful spell if you need a creature to be discreet while in possession. However, an invisible creature "decloaks" when (s)he uses any creature spell (including Invisibility itself), meaning the ability has limited use in combat as well as making it more difficult and irritating while on a stealth mission. Invisibility often does not work against the A.I. However, enemy Thieves that have access to the spell use it to sneak past defenses and plunder Treasure Rooms. This is a particular problem in Level 18: Blaise End.

Ghosts, Vampires, Samurai,[5] and creatures with the Sight spell can see invisible creatures.


General Information (Dungeon Keeper 2)[]

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"Renders the caster of the spell invisible, therefore allowing the caster to slip, undetected, past enemy troops, free to commit all manner of dastardly deeds."
— Dungeon Keeper 2 Manual

In Dungeon Keeper 2, Invisible is only learnt by two creatures: the Rogue and the Thief, with each version being slightly different. As before, it allows them to slip by undetected.

Dungeon Keeper Online[]

This spell is learnt by Rogues and Ninja.[1][2]


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