DK1 MAP00082
Appears in The Deeper Dungeons
Level Number 82
Preceded By Korros Tor
Followed By Belbata
Enemy Keepers 1

Kari-Mar is the third level in The Deeper Dungeons expansion of Dungeon Keeper.

Description Edit

In Kari-Mar, the expansion takes the difficulty up another significant notch, and you better be ready for a lengthy campaign. A handicap to your creature rotation doesn't help, neither does the single gem face, neither does the already pre-built yellow dungeon, nor the ENORMOUS bulk of gold readily available to him, as well as multiple gem faces for him.

The player starts out with 2 small rooms, right next to a big Gold Seam. The only neutral portal leads to a small hero outpost, filled with low level heroes, leading to a *single* gem face and a neutral Workshop Icon Small Workshop. The single gem face is the only painfully slow source of income after the big Gold Seam is exhausted.

Most of the map is walled off, leading to invasions, caverns, hero parties, hero outposts, a full-on castle to the left, a neutral Graveyard Icon Small Graveyard, and a death trap to the right. Maneuvering without encountering enemies is near impossible.

To the far right there's a neutral Skeleton-icon Skeleton, on the lava lake below that there are many Barbarian-icon Barbarians, Samurai-icon Samurai and Wizard-icon Wizards ready to annihilate you, with a neutral Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper behind a Door Magic Small Magic Door.

To the left, there's a neutral cavern, leading to a room filled with gold, as well as a Giant-icon Giant and 2 Samurai-icon Samurai, and an open path to a barrage of Archer-icon Archers protecting a white castle.

Below the neutral portal, to the left and bottom, there are sneaky caverns with hero parties ready to attack a reckless Keeper.

To the left there's a huge cavern filled with Priestess-icon Priestesses, Wizard-icon Wizards, Archer-icon Archers, Barbarian-icon Barbarians, and death, leading to a labyrinthine white tunnel, filled with Trap Lightning Small Lightning Traps, Trap Gas Small Poison Gas Traps, and Trap Boulder Small Boulder Traps traps, as well as a chamber with high level Fairy-icon Fairies and Samurai-icon Samurai as a "reward".

There's a small neutral cavern filled with many Monk-icon Monks and Samurai-icon Samurai barring the yellow Keeper from yourself, which would be a huge problem, but thankfully for us, digging straight right from there with a possessed Imp-icon Imp will uncover 2 Trap Boulder Small Boulder Traps and crush the enemies inside. To the left of that there are Knight-icon Knights and more enemies protecting a neutral Graveyard Icon Small Graveyard, as well as some gold seams. Good luck, Keeper. It won't be easy.

Trivia Edit

  • The enemy Keeper is for some reason yellow in this level, as opposed to the usual blue for levels with only one enemy Keeper. It is also one of only two singleplayer levels in the Dungeon Keeper campaign and The Deeper Dungeons to feature a yellow Keeper (the other one being Belbata).

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