The Keeper is the main protagonist, or villain, of the Dungeon Keeper series. The Keeper is an anonymous entity in which players will take control of in their quest to rule the underworld. He is only seen as an evil-looking hand (other Keepers are not seen at all) and possesses the ability to cast a myriad of spells.

Gameplay Mechanics
Dk1iconDungeon Keeper
Action Point · Battle Window · Computer Assistance · Control Panel · Creature Pool · Fear · Fog of War · Gold · Hand of Evil · Information Panel · Keeper · Lord of the Land · Party · Payday · Praying · Query · Room Flags · Turn
Dk2iconDungeon Keeper 2
Control Panel · Fear · Fog of War · Gold · Hand of Evil · Horny Talisman · Keeper · Lord of the Land · Mana · Payday · Praying
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