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The Keeper is the main protagonist, or villain, of the Dungeon Keeper series. They are an anonymous entity in which players will take control of in their quest to rule the underworld. He is only seen as an evil-looking hand (other Keepers are not seen at all) and possesses the ability to cast a myriad of spells. In the games, non-hero factions (that is, the player and any opponents that own and manage a dungeon) are referred to as Keepers. A Keeper is defeated once their Dungeon Heart is destroyed. The Keepers' dungeons are colour-coded with bright colours, to contrast the heroes' white.

In both Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2, it is possible for up to four players to fight in multiplayer, each representing a Keeper coloured red, blue, green or yellow.

Dungeon Keeper[]

Keeper faces

In Dungeon Keeper, a rival Keeper is first met in Lushmeadow-on-Down. They are represented in the Information Panel by a face of his/her colour. The player faces many Keepers during the campaign, sometimes allied against you. Typically, when facing one other Keeper they will be coloured blue; when facing two, the second will be green, and when facing three, the third is yellow. Despite this, you will never face three other Keepers in the main campaign outside the Full Moon Level (although three other Keepers do appear in the The Deeper Dungeons level Belbata). There are also exceptions; the The Deeper Dungeons level Kari-Mar has you facing off against a yellow Keeper instead of a blue one. When you're facing one or more enemy Keepers, they will from time to time taunt you with one of the following lines:[1]

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  • "Your efforts are futile!"
  • "My dungeon is the finest you shall ever see!"
  • "My minions will leave your dungeon a crumbling ruin!"
  • "Your entrails will decorate the darkest alcove of my domain!"
  • "Your corpse will feed my minions yet, Keeper!"
  • "Prepare for oblivion, Keeper!"
  • "Pathetic creature! I shall crush you in an instant!"
  • "Hahahahahahaha!"
  • "努力 (どりょく) しても無駄 (むだ) さ。"
  • "うりの (つく) るダンジョンは最高 (さいこう) だ。"
  • "お (まえ) のダンジョンを廃墟 (はいきょ) にしてやる。"
  • "貴様 (きさま) 内臓 (ないぞう) (えぐ) () して、オレ (さま) 部屋 (へや) (かざ) ってやる。 "
  • "お (まえ) 死体 (したい) (にわとり) () わせてやる。"
  • "キーパー () えてなく () れ。"
  • " (あわ) れなクリーチャー (ども) よ、 (いま) すぐ (ころ) してやるからな。 "
  • "イャハハハハハハハ!"

When defeated, Keepers become Floating Spirits, which are not normally seen in game. If you have been defeated, this can be possessed by clicking the Possess Creature icon in the Research Panel.

There is evidence that a purple player was once planned: some tilesets have reinforced walls coloured purple instead of yellow.

Notable Keepers[]


Microsoft Minesweeper lost
Keeper defeated face red

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

In Dungeon Keeper 2, there are more named Keepers and there is the possibility of fighting up to four others in the map Carnage, with the fourth rival using the colour purple. This is the only time in the entire game you fight against four other Keepers (and therefore the only time you see a purple Keeper), with this feature not being possible in Multiplayer.

Notable Keepers[]

  • The player
  • Nemesis, the main rival Keeper mentioned throughout Dungeon Keeper 2 and first fought in Brotherhood.
  • Gormagon, the Keeper whose dungeon is destroyed by the Giants in Caverns.
  • Keeper Dante, who has left his dungeon abandoned in Aftermath.
  • Morgana, first mentioned in the briefing of Ambush, then fought alongside the others in Carnage.
  • Malachai, first mentioned in the briefing for Aftermath and is then fought in Scavenge.
  • Keeper Asmodeus, who appears in Smash.
  • Belial (blue), Kronos (blue or green, depending on level variation), Drako (green), Morgana (yellow) and Raksha (purple), found in Carnage.[Note 1]
  • Keeper Malleus, owner of the hordes of Vampires found in Conversion.
  • Keepers Harkan and Carrion, found in Angelic. They are allies of Nemesis, and the latter was such a threat that King Reginald commanded his sons, the Princes, to personally destroy him when he learnt of Nemesis' search for the Dark Angels. They managed to deter him from the search, though apparently this was only temporary, as you still encounter him on the level.
  • Nemesis' sons Faust and Fabius[Note 2], found in Brotherhood.


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  1. This map has three variants with different Keepers: A) Belial (Blue), Drako (Green), Morgana (Yellow) and Raksha (Purple) B) Kronos (Blue), Drako (Green), Morgana (Yellow) and Raksha (Purple) C) Belial (Blue), Kronos (Green), Morgana (Yellow) and Raksha (Purple)
  2. The green Keeper, Fabius is named as such in the briefing, but appears as Fabian ingame.