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Keeper Klan is a website and Discord server pertaining to the Dungeon Keeper series. The website features a forum (for the entire series, including the mobile game, as well as games inspired by the series) and Dungeon Keeper-related downloads. New releases of Dungeon Keeper FX are announced on the site; however, since 2023, the centre of activity and announcements thereof has moved to the KeeperFX website. The website also hosts Dungeon Keeper competitions (though these are very few and far between).

In its very early days, a webzine called Imp Alert! was published on the site. Prior to 2009, the site was hosted on invisionfree.

War for the Overworld originated on Keeper Klan.[3][4]


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'Keeper, your dungeon is emptier than your head. ' - The Mentor (DK2)
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