A Keeper Spell is one that is cast by the player him/herself or computer players (Keepers), as opposed to their minions (spells cast by Creatures are known as Creature Spells).

Dungeon Keeper Edit

Armageddon Edit

Armageddon medium Transports all creature on the map to your Dungeon Heart for a huge battle.

Call to Arms Edit

Calltoarms medium Summons all your creatures within a certain radius to a particular area of the map.

Cave-In Edit

Cavein medium Causes, as its name implies, the ceiling to cave-in, with the rocks harming creatures.

Chicken Edit

Chicken medium Transforms an enemy creature into a chicken. Identical to its Creature Counterpart.

Conceal Monster Edit

Concealmonster medium Turns creatures invisible. Equivalent to the Creature Spell Invisibility.

Create Imp Edit

Createimp medium Self-explanatory.

Destroy Walls Edit

Destroywalls medium Depending on the power of the spell, this turns Reinforced Walls to Earth, or destroys the wall (and possibly even the surrounding walls too) completely.

Disease Edit

Disease medium Infects the target with an contagious disease that haemorrhages their health. Seems to be stronger than its Creature Counterpart.

Heal Edit

Heal medium Self-explanatory; restores health points (up to a certain amount per cast) of your creatures. The same as its Creature counterpart.

Hold Audience Edit

Holdaudience medium Transports all your creatures to your Dungeon Heart, and makes them momentarily dance around it.

Lightning Strike Edit

Lightningstrike medium Fires a Lightning Strike that deals a sizeable amount of damage (at its highest power level) to its target and nearby creatures.

Must Obey Edit

Mustobey medium Freezes your creatures' happiness level and makes them work 25 per cent faster.

Possess Creature Edit

Possesscreature medium Allows you to possess and directly one of your Creatures.

Protect Monster Edit

Protectmonster medium Increases the target's defence by 25 per cent, and renders it immune to Lightning Strike, save direct hits. Equivalent to the Creature Spell Armour.

Sight of Evil Edit

Sightofevil medium Enables you to momentarily (how long depends on the spell's power) view areas of the map that are still obscured by the Fog of War.

Speed Monster Edit

Speedmonster medium Doubles the creature's speed. Equivalent to the Creature Spell Speed.

Time Bomb Edit

Concealmonster medium A cut Keeper Spell, legend has it that it would have turned Imps into suicide bombers. Presumably the same as its Creature counterpart.

Gallery Edit

Dungeon Keeper 2 Edit

Keeper Spells2 Icon Medium

Create Imp Edit

Createimp2 icon medium Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Thunderbolt Edit

Thunderbolt icon medium A simple offensive spell, Thunderbolt sends down a bolt of lightning on an enemy creature. Only works on your territory.

Possession Edit

Possession icon medium Allows you to possess and directly one of your Creatures.

Heal Edit

Heal2 icon medium Pretty self-explanatory; restores health points of your creatures.

Sight of Evil Edit

Sightofevil2 icon medium Enables you to momentarily view areas of the map that are still obscured by the Fog of War.

Call to Arms Edit

Calltoarms2 icon medium Summons all your creatures to a particular area of the map.

Tremor Edit

Tremor icon medium Causes a tremor that can weaken enemy walls and destabilise doors and traps.

Turncoat Edit

Turncoat icon medium Causes an enemy creature to briefly turn against its allies.

Summon Horny Edit

Summonhorny-icon-medium Self-explanatory; used call Horny to arms.

Create Gold Edit

Creategold icon medium Self-explanatory.

Inferno Edit

Inferno icon medium Creates a massive inferno that causes significant damage to nearby creatures.

Chicken Edit

Chicken2 icon medium Temporarily transforms an enemy creature into a chicken.

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