Keeper Spells (Dungeon Keeper 2) Edit

As Keeper, you have a ferocious collection of awesome spells potentially at your disposal. Many of these spells will not become available until later levels but ensuring you have a good-sized Library gives you the best chance of gaining any spells on a particular level.

Spells Edit

Create Imp Edit

Imps are your magically created workforce, your thoughts made flesh. They are your eyes, ears and hands in the world, changing the environment to meet your grand designs. They are also very cute in a strange sort of way. The Create Imp spell enables you to expand your workforce, provided you have the territory (and thus the Mana) to maintain it.

Thunderbolt Edit

One of your simpler offensive spells, Thunderbolt hurls down a bolt of electrical energy on an enemy creature that has had the gall to enter your domain.

Possesion Edit

Use the Possession spell to take up residence in the body of one of your Creatures.

Heal Edit

Use this spell to grant new health and vitality to battered troops. Cast this on a particular creature to replenish their Health. Healing ailing creatures can change the odds dramatically in small skirmishes.

Can be used on fighting in the combat pit creatures to make them stay longer and gain more levels in 1 battle.

Can also be used on imprisoned enemies to make them live longer or on tortured enemies to prevent early death

Sight of Evil Edit

This cunning incantation allows you to view areas of terrain that are still clouded by the Fog of War.

Call to Arms Edit

Cast this spell to have your Creatures drop everything and assemble under your War Banner for the mother of all battles.

Tremor Edit

Tremor causes whole areas of land to shake uncontrollably. If used wisely, it can go a long way in weakening your enemies’ defences, but be warned that this spell has a detrimental effect on all creatures, striking fear throughout the ranks of those so affected.

Turncoat Edit

Take control of one of your enemy’s creatures and have it wreak havoc within its own ranks. Particularly effective when cast in the centre of enemy raiding parties.

Summon Horny Edit

This is the spell by which you summon the Horned Reaper to arms. Although he may only be invoked on your own land, he will waste no time in heading straight for the enemy and getting stuck in (providing, of course, that there are no chickens around!).

Create Gold Edit

Money too tight to mention? This spell dumps a pile of wealth in the spot where it is cast. You can then use the Hand of Evil to grab the cash and deposit it in your Treasury. Note: Make sure you cast this spell on land that has been claimed by you, otherwise you cannot pick up the resultant pile of gold.

Inferno Edit

A massive fire explosion that radiates out from the point at which it is cast, causing extensive damage to creatures. Burn baby, burn!

Chicken Edit

Transform an enemy creature into a chicken for a limited period of time, thus temporarily removing it from the field of combat and making it a possible candidate for one of your creatures’ ‘lunch’ - useful if a hungry bile demon is in the battlefield

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