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Kill Creatures is an unused Dungeon Special in Dungeon Keeper 2. It allows you to assassinate an enemy creature. Using this turns the Hand of Evil into a crosshair, and when one clicks on an enemy creature, that creature instantly dies. Note that you have to be able to see the enemy creature in order to kill them, and it is best to kill off particularly problematic opponents. While this special does not appear in any map, it can be added using the Dungeon Keeper 2 Editor, and has tooltips implemented. The only oddity with this special is that the voice line "Pick an enemy creature to destroy" plays after the special is used. All other specials work this way, so this may have contributed to this special being cut, along with balancing reasons of feeling 'unfair' in multiplayer.

In Dungeon Keeper FX, there is a 'Kill creature' cheat mode that behaves in the same way, though there's no crosshair.


  1. Does not appear in the campaign, but is available in the editor and is completely functional.