King Reginald is the main Antagonist of Dungeon Keeper 2 and the leader of the Heroes.


King Reginald is the King of the country of Harmonia, and he is dressed the part; King Reginald is covered from neck-to-toes in thick plate armour, and in combat he dual wields a pair of broadswords.

He is spotted on several levels in the starting cinematics, however it is only on the 20th level, "Regicide", that you actually fight him inside his keep.

Backstory Edit

When Reginald was a boy, his father (King Colin) told him that he would be king one day. He told him not only of the riches he would earn and the authority he would wield, but also of the effort he would have to put in to be a good king.

Then Colin showed him what he stood to inherit after his (Colin's) death. It is then implied that Reginald murdered him. After however, he decides to rule in peace and he retired to his keep to rule and murder keepers like you.[1]


  • It might be wise to not use Horny to kill him, seeing as the Stone Knights are infinitely more powerful.
  • Reginald can kill most creatures with one blow.
  • Reginald cannot be captured or converted and will fight to the death, although some of The Mentor's quotes in the files seem to state that the player could revive him as a minion.
  • He also has the ability to regenerate his lifeforce when on holy ground, however he loses this ability when stepping on land owned by the player or a rival keeper.
  • Going by Reginald's official backstory, he isn't as pure or good as he might want others to believe, seeing as he took his throne through brutal regicide. P.S. He is not very kind.


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