The Lair is a room type in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2.


The Lair is where creatures go to heal after getting injured or just to rest after a hard day’s work. While sleeping, creatures slowly heal and, if agitated, calm down. On arriving in a dungeon, creatures make a beeline for the closest Lair to establish their home. If they cannot find one, their mood quickly worsens.

General InformationEdit

Dungeon KeeperEdit

The Lair is one of the first buildings players can construct, and is unlocked in Eversmile. Some creatures take up multiple slots in the lair; Bile-demon-icon Bile Demons and Giant-icon Giants use two, and Dragon-icon Dragons use four.[3] The number of slots available in a Lair depends on its efficiency; the more efficient it is, the more creatures it can accommodate.[4] Creatures who are natural enemies will attack each other when they're in the same Lair, even if one is just passing through.[3]

Natural enemies:

Fly-icon Fly and Spider-icon Spider
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn and Hound-icon Hound
Warlock-icon Warlock and Vampire-icon Vampire
Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon and Skeleton-icon Skeleton
Dark-mistress-icon Mistress and Samurai-icon Samurai[3]

Dungeon Keeper 2Edit

In Dungeon Keeper 2, the lair is made available in Smilesville. A Lair can be any size and shape and costs 300 gold per tile. The amount of lair tiles in a dungeon effect the amount of creatures that will come through a portal. If you don’t have a lair, only one creature will come through the portal. All creatures need one space in the lair, except the Skeleton, which never sleeps.

Evil creatures and converted heroes rapidly become unhappy in each other's company as they hate each other (especially direct counterparts). This means they cannot usually share a Lair. Separate lairs are easily made as they can be of any size and placed anywhere; they just need to not touch each other at the edges to count as separate rooms.



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