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The Lair is a room in Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper 2 where Creatures may establish their homes.

Dungeon Keeper[]

One of the "basic five" rooms, the Lair is among the first dungeon features introduced in the campaign, being available in Eversmile. This is where creatures go to heal after getting injured or simply to rest after a hard day’s work. While sleeping, creatures slowly heal and, if agitated, calm down. Some creatures take up multiple slabs in the Lair: Bile Demons and Giants use two each, and Dragons use four.[3] The number of slots available in a Lair depends on its slab count and efficiency; the more efficient it is, the more creatures it can accommodate[4] and the faster their recovery rates.

Creature Ingress[]

Lairs affect the dungeon ingress mechanics (see Portal). After doing "check-in" at the Dungeon Heart, a newly-arrived creature makes a beeline for the Lair to establish a home in the dungeon; if this somehow fails, the Mentor sends the notification, "Your creatures need a bigger Lair," and the Portal is quietly deactivated until the situation changes. Homeless creatures will check for lair space when changing tasks, including food and pay, which may lead to endless pestering by this particular message from the Mentor.

Note that these homeless creatures will not get angry merely from lacking a dwelling; rather, their anger mounts rapidly once they get injured and have no place to recover. Exceptions to this type of annoyance are the Fly, Skeleton, Ghost, and Thief.

Natural Enemies[]

Creatures who are natural enemies will attack each other when they are in the same Lair, even if one is just passing through.[3] The following creatures are natural enemies:

Hosting these creatures in the same dungeon requires having two Lairs that do not lie along the paths between tasks.

Other Behaviors & Table[]

Certain creatures also gain experience as they sleep if their dwelling is directly adjacent to a specific tile. These are Warlocks beside a gold seam, Dragons beside lava, and Tentacles beside water; however, the nominal training per turn is not properly multiplied by 256 as it is when the creature is in combat or training. Therefore, the benefits of this mechanic are negligible in the retail version of Dungeon Keeper.

Even if they do not have enemies and favored tiles, all creatures have their own attitudes towards sleeping ("Sleep Anger") and innate recovery speed when sleeping. Vampires and Dragons are noteworthy lovers of their lairs, whereas the Horned Reaper will slowly work himself into a rage in there; meanwhile the Tentacle, with its high health and slow recovery rate, is a notorious sleep addict. Most creatures also feel a sharp anger spike if they are slapped awake. Semi-sentient monsters like Beetles, Flies, and Ghosts are relatively indifferent to this, while the Mistress, being a bit too sentient for her own good, enjoys it more than actually sleeping.

Creature Lair Recovery
per turn
per turn
per turn
slapped awake
Beetle-icon Beetle Beetle Lair Dungeon Keeper   5 -1   +50
Bile-demon-icon Bile Demon Bile Demon Lair Dungeon Keeper 2 tiles 4 -6   +300
Demon-spawn-icon Demon Spawn Demon Spawn Lair Dungeon Keeper   5 -1   +200
Dragon-icon Dragon Dragon Lair Dungeon Keeper 4 tiles 3 -10 3 +400
Druid-icon DruidFX Druid Lair Dungeon Keeper FX Third-Person  
Fly-icon Fly Fly Lair Dungeon Keeper   5 -1   +50
Ghost-icon Ghost Ghost Lair Dungeon Keeper   4 -1   0
Hound-icon Hound Hellhound Lair Dungeon Keeper   8 -2   +250
Horned-reaper-icon Horned Reaper Horned Reaper Lair Dungeon Keeper   8 +2   +3000
Dark-mistress-icon Dark Mistress Dark Mistress Lair Dungeon Keeper   9 -1   -200
Orc-icon Orc Orc Lair Dungeon Keeper   7 -4   +150
Skeleton-icon Skeleton Skeleton Lair Dungeon Keeper   5 -1   +150
Spider-icon Spider Spider Lair Dungeon Keeper   2 -1   +100
Tentacle-icon Tentacle Tentacle Lair Dungeon Keeper   1 -1 2 +200
Troll-icon Troll Troll Lair Dungeon Keeper   6 -3   +200
Vampire-icon Vampire Vampire Lair Dungeon Keeper   9 -7   +1750
Warlock-icon Warlock Warlock Lair Dungeon Keeper   6 -4 1 +250
Hero Lair Recovery
per turn
per turn
per turn
slapped awake
Archer-icon Archer Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   2 -1   +200
Avatar-icon Avatar Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   9 -1   +2000
Barbarian-icon Barbarian Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   5 -3   +100
Fairy-icon Fairy Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   2 -1   +210
Giant-icon Giant Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper 2 tiles 5 -6   +100
Knight-icon Knight Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   6 -1   +250
Monk-icon Monk Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   8 -4   +200
Mountain-dwarf-icon Mountain Dwarf Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   4 -3   +200
Samurai-icon Samurai Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   9 -1   +250
Time mage-icon Time MageFX Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper  
Thief-icon Thief Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   4 -1   +200
Tunneler-icon Tunneller Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   4 -3   +200
Priestess-icon Witch Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   3 -1   +200
Wizard-icon Wizard Hero Lair Dungeon Keeper   4 -1   +250

Dungeon Keeper 2[]

In Dungeon Keeper 2, the Lair is made available in Smilesville. A Lair can be any size and shape and costs 300 gold per tile. The number of Lair tiles in a dungeon affects the number of creatures that will come through a Portal. If you don’t have a Lair, only one creature will come through the Portal. All creatures need one space in the Lair, except the Skeleton, which never sleeps.

Evil creatures and converted heroes rapidly become unhappy in each other's company, as they hate each other (especially direct counterparts). This means they cannot usually share a Lair. Separate Lairs are easily made, as they can be of any size and placed anywhere; they just need to not touch each other at the edges to count as separate rooms.


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