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The Lava Trap is a special trap first made available to the player in Nevergrim. When activated by an enemy creature, the tile containing the trap is destroyed and replaced with a tile of lava, damaging any creatures touching it and causing them to move to the nearest safe tile, often stopping their advance or separating them from other creatures. One can then cover the tile of lava with a Bridge like always.

The damage done by lava is rather negligible, so it is not the main reason to use it; this trap serves a more tactical purpose: any heroes (except for Fairies and Priestesses with the Flight ability) that head towards the player's dungeon will be stopped in their advancement as this blocks their path. This might come in handy in levels like Blaise End, where heroes can be lured in small groups into the dungeon to fight them.

The Lava Trap requires your Workshop to be made up of at least seventeen squares before production can begin.


  • In Dungeon Keeper, if you place a Lava Trap next to water, when activated there is no interaction between the two substances. They simply stay as blocks flying.
  • The texture of the lava is different to that occurring naturally on the map.
  • The Lava Trap icon seems to have once been used for the Meteor (in high resolution) and Word of Power (in low resolution) creature spells, and the Word Of Power Trap (in high resolution).