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The unnamed Level 1000 is an unused level in Dungeon Keeper. It appears to be a test level containing every slab type in the game. There are no creatures, rooms, spells (except Possess Creature), traps, (real) doors, enemies, or objectives. There is no impenetrable rock on the edges of the map, and it is possible to go through them and end up on the other side. Tiles can be dug and rooms can be built (cheating is required in order to be able to do these), but (at least in Dungeon Keeper FX) this level seems to be rather prone to the dreaded pathfinding bug that often causes the game to lock up. Most of the level is shrouded in Fog of War, and is not explored when a creature goes there (creatures in unexplored areas also cannot be picked up), so cheating is required in order to explore the rest of the level.

Much of this level consists of Purple Path that is actually earth or claimed path.

In order to access this level in The Deeper Dungeons or the Dungeon Keeper Editor, a .lif file must be created for it (for the editor, adding the level to DKLEVELS.LOF also works). In Dungeon Keeper FX, this level is accessible with the - level 1000 parameter.