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Level 106 is an unnamed and unused level that was cut from Dungeon Keeper. It is in the 21 May 1997 and 28 May 1997 prototypes. The script describes this level as a 'possible level 1'.

According to the script, the level is supposed to play out as thus: you are instructed to build a Treasure Room, and once you have done so, the Lair and Hatchery become available. After you attract five creatures, a hero Tunneller will spawn in the centre cavern to the north of your starting dungeon. Once he's dealt with, another will spawn in the cavern to the left, along with a Thief. Once they have been defeated, the Lord of the Land will come in the centre cavern. Once he's defeated, the level is won.

The level is included in KeeperFX, in which it has been named Othersmile and fixed up.[clarification needed]


Thief-icon (1) - group2
Thief-icon (1) Thief-icon (1) - group2
Knight-icon (1) - group3
Red Keeper (Human)
Creature Limit 10
Starting Gold 1000
Starting Forces 5 Imp-icon Imps (level 1)
May Attract
May Create or Summon
Treasure Room Icon Small Lair Icon Small Hatchery Icon Small  
Possession Icon Small CreateImp Icon Small    
No Doors or Traps


Like Eversmile, this level sends the player tutorial messages at various stages.

Level start
"build a treasure room and fill it with 2000 gold."
2000 Gold accumulated
"well done. now build a lair and hatchery and attract 5 creatures into your dungeon."
5 creatures attracted
"excellent. now continue to mine the area for gold, but beware, your success will have attracted the unwanted attentions of local heros. defend youre [sic] dungeon from these do-gooders."
Lord attracted
"your continued success has attracted the attentions of the local lord. he must be defeated so you can claim this realm as your own."
Lord defeated
"great work. by defeating the lord you have claimed this realm as your own."
Player defeated
"you have been defeated.better luck next time"


  • group2 is declared, but not used (there are commented-out script commands that would have seen it spawn in the cavern to the right if the player triggers the non-existent Action Point 7).
  • No Creature Pool is specified in the script.